Sunday, 9 December 2018

My life: What it's like now...

Perhaps it's worth posting something about the positivity in my life right now, considering the darkness I have discussed prior.  Things are actually quite good, and I seem to make everything work, even on a lower budget.

I have a cute little one bedroom apartment in the core of the city, which is hard to come by considering the housing crisis.  Finances, though low, are good, I have no debt, I engage in low budget activities to maintain my financial balance, and am even able to put away money for retirement every two weeks.  Though "poor", I have two phones, and I eat out all the time (I am not much of a cook, that's why), and I am still with a disposable income.  So finances and housing are great right now.  Also, I can get away with only part time work, so I have much free time to engage in art, spirituality, and social activities.  Stress is quite low.  Also, my health is good.

My hobbies are inexpensive - I like karaoke... I have a passion and an eye for thrifting, and often find remarkably cool stuff at thrift stores (the hunt is fun for me).  I tend to only take and buy what I need or perhaps absolutely want (but this is not common, I realize, thanks to the practise of non-attachment, that I don't care to have it all now), I look for sales and deals like a good Taurus, and I am excellent with money.  Sometimes I get to take a trip, sometimes I treat myself to something luxurious, but am not upset if that is not consistent.  I am a Westerner who does not need to constantly be pampered to be satisfied.

My circle of friends is broad and wide - I have more than I can count now.  Certainly there is my core posse, but I do have a great deal of wonderful people in my life whom I consider quite close.  I am also a member of various groups, including the Toronto Comic Jam, and (to a lesser extent now) Mad Pride Toronto.  I designed the Mad Pride Toronto logo, which has since taken off as an internationally recognized symbol of the movement, in various incarnations - now even Mad Pride Paris (France), Mad Pride Derbyshire, and Mad Pride Netherlands, to name some examples, have adopted logos based on my original design.  So that's kind of cool, to have created something that is an official icon now.

My art career isn't booming, but I get the sense it isn't something I want to be in full swing right now.  I have to focus on my soul, that's the most important thing for me at this stage.  Spirit, I get, senses what I need, and provides me with it.  An involved art career would overwhelm me, so I need this downtime.  I am also an indie artist, not a commercial one, so it's never going to be the workload of a commercial artist.  I still plan on working with that television director on the Asylum Squad short film we're planning (the working title is "Madder" - I'd say it's kind of like "Jacob's Ladder" meets "The Craft" in tone and style), it's just that we are in a stage where we need to find the budget for it, and film can in fact take a long time to move forward.

It's nice that a big contingent of spiritually minded people has suddenly landed in my lap - for years, I felt like the group weirdo with what I was living with and feeling, and now these new friends are receptive and it's lovely.  Though I do have atheist/agnostic pals, it's limited when it comes to what we can discuss, since I am so spiritually involved, it is one of the biggest aspects of my life.

So, despite a lack of extravagance, life is good, and possibly even the ideal, considering everything is in balance, money is not a concern, my home is comfortable, my job isn't something I despise.  I plan on stepping up my game when the time is right, but things are not broken, so why bother fixing anything?  I kind of live in the moment, make plans for the future, but don't fret to the degree other Westerners do about this stuff.  I get the sense things will happen as they are meant to now.


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