Friday, 29 April 2022

Video: Birthday reading - the 40s...


Well, some girlfriends and I are headed out for drinks, food, and mechanical bull riding for my 40th birthday.  I wanted it to be cougar themed, so here's my tarty MILF look!  Enjoy the video - it's just a quickie on what this decade may bring for a soul.

Gotta jet!  On my way soon to the venue!


Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Video: Bibliomancy with "The Interior Castle"...


I finally got my copy of this book back from my mother!  Here I do a video channeling insights from this classic by St. Teresa of Avila - the subject: the ascension process in Christian mystical awakening.

Gotta jet!  More to come soon!


Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Update on my ritual for calling in the 7 Directions...

What I called the "Sacred Sphere" was an expansion on the idea of calling in the Four Corners - rather, I tried calling in the 7 Directions by affiliating them with angels.

I realized yesterday that a better choice to call to for Center than Shekinah might be Ariel, so I changed that detail.  Here's an update to the ritual:

1- Stand East with your wand (or whatever implement you prefer) and call in that direction with Raphael.  Then turn to the South.

2- Standing southward, call in that direction with Michael.  Turn to the West.

3- Westward, call in the West with Gabriel.  Then turn North.

4- At the northern position, call in that direction with Uriel.  Then aim your implement skyward.

5- Still facing North, call in Zenith with Metatron.  Then direct your implement to the ground.

6- Call in Nadir with Sandalphon.  Then, point your implement towards your chest.

7- Finally, call in Center with Ariel.  Ask to establish sacred, protective space, make your prayer requests.

This creates a sacred space, once called in, that is protected and watched by the 7 Directions.  To dismiss it, you may want to thank the angels and directions and dismiss the space.  The choice of wording is yours.

That's all for now on this - I'll try and do another video sometime soon!


Monday, 25 April 2022

Update on the hybrid Wu Xing elemental altar and its usage...

I got some more insights from playing around with this, and I wanted to update my rituals involving it.  Here are the latest instructions:

To summon the Spirit for contemplation, prayer, and consultation:

1- Light the center charcoal while calling the Spirit into it to represent the element of Air.  Offer Frankincense.

2- Call in the other five elements (the Wu Xing), starting with Wood at the top, then onto Fire going clockwise (lighting the candle as you call it in), then Earth, Metal, and finally Water.  Say "Amen".

3- Continuously offering Frankincense to the Air charcoal, keep the channel and communication with the Spirit open and flowing as you contemplate.

To create a candle spell with this invocation open:

1- Having already opened for ceremony, consecrate your candle's intention by offering tobacco to the charcoal and praying to the source you have in mind to work with.  Say "Amen" and "Blessed Be".

2- Placing the candle below the altar, light the candle and call in the source you want the flame of the candle to work with into its fire... say "Amen" and "So Mote It Be".  It's best if you let the candle burn itself out - I use tea lights because they're cheap, easy to obtain, and only burn for a few hours, but it's enough for a reaction.

(The ritual space is dismissed when you put out the Fire position candle, and/or dispense of the charcoal, if it is still lit - I recommend dumping lit charcoals into a vessel of water.  The Fire position candle does not need to remain lit for the candle magick of your intention candle to continue, but the intention candle's fire must remain lit for the magickal intention to carry well to the Spirit.)

I'm going to experiment more with this ceremony I invented and see where it takes my magick!

Video tour of this altarspace

Video example of use of this altarspace


UPDATE:  Just some notes, if I didn't post them earlier, about what I used for literal representation of the Wu Xing elements:

Obviously (Holy) Water and Fire were used literally for those two elements, but for the other three, it seemed some things were better suited for representation than others.  I used a bit of sacred smudge from a native friend for Wood, along with twigs of tobacco plant, tobacco being extremely sacred.  For Earth, I had some crystals and felt called to put Fluorite, Malachite, and Agate, but later got that Garnet should replace Agate.  I also added soil from a plant and sulphur powder.  As for Metal, I added pieces that were made of copper, iron, nickel and gold, which was what I sensed might have spiritual relevance for the power I'm calling in.  (I got this information from channel, so as the channel improves, so might the recipe for how to lay things out.)

Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Video: St. Teresa of Avila...


She's one of my favourites, and is the saint I borrowed my psychic lady name from, because I find her fascinating.  St. Teresa of Avila is a very interesting writer, and one of the most respected mystics of the Catholic church.  This reading turned out well, despite the sirens... I still need a better microphone setup than the built in computer one!  Sorry, sinners!

I have had more feedback from others that my spells work, and quickly!  I've been casting some mindfulness ones with Metatron and the recipients feel much calmer.  Next up: to try and tackle Luigi the overweight parlour panther's trichotillomania once more!


Sunday, 10 April 2022

Video: What's possible (and what's impossible) with psychic ability...


Here's my latest one!  Interesting food for thought on why the west isn't convinced psychic ability is real.

I had a couple more incidents with sweetgrass smudge and channeling of chanting and dancing, and now I think the ritual has done what was needed, because it's not happening anymore, for now.  It was for healing my aura, or any part of me that is off.  I think part of why my weight is what it is may be due to the sickness affecting everything, and the body simply wants to hold onto weight to feel secure.  I really don't eat that much food, and I should be about 150 lbs with the way I live... I do exercise too.  It's so strange.


Friday, 8 April 2022

Video: Sister Penance interprets Adam and Eve...


I did that video as Sister Penance where I scry with the Holy Bible about Adam and Eve, channeling the Holy Spirit, for an interpretation.  Hope you enjoy!

Gotta jet!  I'm off to a birthday party!


Video: Advice for Third Eye psychosis...


I wasn't going to post this one at first, realizing later I had already done a Third Eye opening video, but this one touched a lot on the psychosis that can come if it opens badly or too quickly, and has advice on grounding, so I consider it a follow-up video now.  (I filmed it, forgetting I had already done a Third Eye video.)  I use "Tarot of Wonderland" for this one, instead of "Universal Tarot".

Things have calmed a bit more again.  I can have bad nights but I always bounce back.  The worst of everything must be over... I survived possession and got myself out of it.  There was a time I thought I was going to die, I can't tell you the relief I feel at this point from that, at least.


Video: Poppet magick...

Not as cute as I once was, but I still like dressing in pastels - y'all gotta deal!

I had another experience with Hawenneyu and sweetgrass... it was pretty profound.  I was praying for more advancement, smudging with the sweetgrass, when I began to chant once again and got up and did a dance.  Again, it lasted about 10 minutes.  Halfway through, I began channeling a message for myself in English.  I wish I could talk to an Iroquois elder about this, it's fascinating.  (I also wish I had an indigenous teacher - I have one connection, but he is in northern Ontario and I don't get to talk to him that often.)

It's a mystery still, but when I set out to find harmonious commonality between worldwide religious practises and ideas back in 2006 (I joked about trying to create the "Esperanto of religion"), when this began with the possession piece, I might have been onto something... or perhaps I just opened up a potential.


Thursday, 7 April 2022

Video: The ethics of love magick...


I thought to do this one today - many say it's just black magick to cast a love spell on someone, I think it's a bit more complex than that.  So I probed the Spirit on this, to see what might be considered.  (This is not an instructional video on love magick... rather, I produced some food for thought here.)

Something interesting happened recently on my way home from work.  I had been uttering prayers to a few more Turtle Island gods and spirits, including Hawenneyu, Atahensic, Red Horn, and Spider Woman - any names that I discovered in books that stood out when I scried.  The spirit world seems a bit clearer and closer now, and right near my building, a presence I was sensing advised me to use sweetgrass with Hawenneyu and call upon this god for healing.

At home, I called the god in, lit the sweetgrass when I got a sign, smudged, and suddenly went into a state where I was chanting in another language (or perhaps just fascinating tongues), and moving about in a kind of ritualistic dance.  This lasted about 10 minutes (I was still fully aware in my ego), then I got the sense it had ended.  Since then, the spirit world is slightly less confusing, and other things feel slightly different, so I think something happened.

Also - I think I have been confused by the idea of journeying, and with a strange subconscious right now, journeys have confused me about truths.  So, it's not a psychosis, it's a state I go into where I experience something unfolding, and seek to make meaning of it.  But because I am on these damn antipsychotics, the experience is not rich enough to be clear in some ways, the drugs might even be limiting it.  How I long to be free of these pills, but the noise of the city concerns me. I feel I should be at a quieter equilibrium in other ways in myself to possibly see that through.  

I just wish I had the right supports in the community... as always, I'm on my own.


Monday, 4 April 2022

Video: Advice on becoming a "holy witch"...


The Christian Witches movement is of interest to me, and I am hoping they one day represent somehow in Toronto.  This video might appeal to anyone who identifies as a Christian Witch, because there is a mention of Jesus, and some musings about what might help you work closer to God and Nature.

Some may laugh at the idea of the "Christian Witch", but Jesus and Mary are gods that amplify any latent potential in you... so if you're meant to work with powers, they will just make 'em all the more powerful, provided you are dedicated in your practice.  (I would recommend Jesus and Mary to Wiccans along with their regular practice, but I don't think many would listen to me - I say this because of how they help with attunement and refinement.  I work with Pagan gods but I am still very close to Jesus and Mary.)


Sunday, 3 April 2022

Video: Talismanic Holy Bible usage...


Time for another bibliomancy video!  (I have been avoiding the "P" word because of modesty - "P" meaning "prophecy" - because I want religious authority to tell me that's what I'm doing, I don't want to claim it like some weird rogue guru... yet out it came!)

Up and down I go... after some tears, I am feeling better again.  I wish I could ask Gautauma Siddhartha what the path towards enlightenment might feel like, in case it feels like neurological torture... but getting a brain scan and validation from western medicine would help, if they would only listen to me!  I am definitely more solar than lunar, because as soon as Father Sun rises, I get my chutzpah back, and I don't worry as much.  Last night's post was in the middle of the night, which is when I am at my most vulnerable.  Winter is brutal for me, not because of the cold, but instead due to the lack of sunlight... I NEED the sun to feel whole.  Evenings reduce me to a panic stricken neurotic.

My next video might be another Sister Penance one, where I take on Genesis in the Holy Bible.  (It will happen sooner or later, at any rate.) Stay tuned!


Video: Tricksters...

Why the sexy outfit?  I went goth clubbing at a new venue on Queen West tonight ... just got in and posted this, gonna hit the hay soon.  Hope you enjoy it!

I'm concerned again today that my nervous system is completely shot - there's just something not quite right about everything.  What's so insulting about my "schizoaffective disorder" diagnosis is that it implies a less developed psyche than where my psychology lies these days, but something is definitely wrong, and the meds don't correct it.  That darkness tortured my neurology for over a decade straight, so who knows how bad my wiring is?  CAMH, in all its lunacy, refuses to give me the proper brain scans, and the idiocy continues.  If I die young because this city let me down, I just hope that no one does something stupid with my name as some honour piece.  Better to be forgotten about, buried in a simple plywood casket, than immortalized in a humiliating fashion with some Bell Let's Talk type nonsense.  I have fucking had it with trite Canadian bullshit.  (I don't feel like a Canadian anymore - I am a lot nastier and smarter than most of them... I will pull a full Haitian on people if they screw with me, and I'm told my magick works.  I don't know where I belong but it's not here.  Toronto ruined my heart.)  Niceness will only get you so far... I have bigger balls than any of these fucks who treat me (I must stress the Jungian is the only cool one), but they have more power.  Life is so painful that I'm ready to go if I have to... I'm just really strong, that's all.

I'm a woman of extremes... I knew I couldn't have it all, so I decided to have nothing.