Saturday, 29 December 2018

The new habit...


Here are some (not very good - for they were taken with my shitty phone camera) pics of me in the newest nun habit I have acquired.  When I get nicer pics taken, I will upload those as well.  This habit was an affordable buy from Bodyline, a Japanese lolita fashion store that sells budget lolita items that are of decent quality for the money.  This came out to about $35.00 US in total, shipping was free.  Not bad!  The veil's elastic is a little snug for my cranium, might have to adjust that by extending it with more elastic, but that's an easy task I could do some day.  I wore this out to a goth dance party last night... sipping beer and praying away in the corner.  Ha!

I think I shall refrain from making that many updates about my spiritual condition until I have a better sense of clarity... seems I am still being deluded, and fear making a fool of myself on here.  This has been a strenuous battle, and I know not everyone is going to understand it... all I can say is that things are, for the most part, going well, and I'm not going to quit fighting.  Mostly, I am going to focus my time on Christian style prayer, because it has been the most helpful method, thus far.  I am also using sweetgrass to smudge again.

I think I will go to the cathedral today before my shift... that deacon I had the religious debate with said hello recently, glad there is no bad blood!


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