Sunday, 2 December 2018

Working with angels...

Angels started to become a prominent feature in my spirituality after invoking Christ.  Certainly, I have a feeling they were a part of things prior to that, based on having seen the apparition of an angel with a trumpet after St Jude came into my practice.  There have been quite a few I have prayed to, including some lesser known ones (such as Lauviah, Seheiah, Mebahiah, and also Jeremiel, Mitzrael, and Lamechial, to give some examples), but the big three for me are Metatron, Gabriel, and Michael.

Metatron is the angel I invoked through Christ, and seems like the strongest influence.  He has been the finest influence on my psyche, bringing me to a higher state of intelligence, a saner mind, and a general feeling of calm and clarity within the psyche, a feeling of being less overwhelmed.  He also seemed to send energies into me using the smudge of sweetgrass when fighting the nasty thing I have been dealing with.  He is a seraph, the highest order of angel in angel lore, and though not discussed much in Christiandom (I think this is because he is not brought up much in the Bible, if at all - don't quote me on that), he is a big deal in Judaism, especially Kabbalah.  Some think Enoch became Metatron, I don't know what I believe in this matter, but I know this influence has been a gift to me.

Gabriel was an angel I felt I channeled when my Dad was dying, and I wonder if it was the reason his passing was so graceful, quick, and smooth.  Apparently, he was lying peacefully asleep when he suddenly passed, and he never even suffered any pain throughout his decline (some mental anguish, sure, but no physical pain at all).  Not sure what Gabriel might have done for him, if I did in fact work with him for Dad, but I like to think he supported him as he crossed over.  I also prayed to Gabriel to watch over my stepdad, who had his own recent set of health struggles, and now my stepdad feels somewhat more connected to "something" than before.  Not sure if my prayers for others always work, but I like to put them out there anyway.

My Mom is a major Michael fangirl, so when I finally invoked that angel (it took a lot of trial and error) I asked that he increase her workings with him.  Michael seemed to be a powerful aid in finishing off this dreadful pest of a demon.  At one point when I worked with him, it felt like the temperature of my soul had suddenly gone up - this was a kind of strengthening effect, I think.  A St Michael prayer card now sits on my shrine, and I like to recite the St Michael prayer at the church I often go to.

(I wanted to get a Metatron statue for my shrine, but the only one I can find in the city is too big for it, and pricey.  There's a smaller one I have found that I may order from the web, but right now I just represent him with a cloth with Metatron's Cube on it, and a card of him.)


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