Saturday, 29 December 2018

"Jesus Christ Superstar" - Laibach edition...

Laibach, the Slovenian "goth / industrial rock" group that once said, when asked if they were fascists, that they were as much fascists as "Hitler was a painter", and that once played, by invite, in North Korea, took a silly musical number and gave it an awesome spin with this cover.  Andrew Lloyd Webber has never sounded so good... really.  He never has.  ("Phantom of the Opera" is lame, and I'm sick of people considering it real opera.)

(I love Laibach, but I wonder how they reacted to the alt right?  Their far right/far left imagery seems entirely for artistic shits and giggles.  Nazis have gone from Hugo Boss uniforms and Wagner to tiki lights and polo shirts.  Evil isn't stylish anymore... it's just tacky and stupid looking now.)


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