Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Video: Getting closer to Nature...


Here's a new one - first in a little while.  Thought it was relevant subject matter to many, especially Pagans/Wiccans and other Nature worshippers.  General advice that is non-denominational.

The pandemic has been a pain, but I feel I have to get out and be among the trees while the weather is nice (with a mask, hand sanitizer, and with social distancing, of course).  But it's as relevant to my health to get out and be in the grass, under the sun, as anything else, and I take satisfaction knowing I can do this while I wait for things like venues to open up again (should they survive!).


My third visit to the Marian Shrine of Gratitude...

 I went back to the Marian Shrine of Gratitude yesterday - it being a beautiful day out, where I knew I could spend a great deal of time at that site in contemplation, without getting too uncomfortable.  I packed my rosary, some blessed whisky, and my spirit writings notebook, and headed off after lunch.

Once again, it's nice that this isn't a high traffic site, especially during a pandemic.  I was immediately greeted by a monarch butterfly that zoomed past my head, and a channeled message of love from the site itself.  I stayed for about 4 hours, periodically sipping on the whisky, in an inconspicuous container that would not draw attention, while calling for healing.

After a certain point, I got the message to stay for about two hours longer, and then I would feel something beautiful.  I was patient enough to do so.  And then suddenly, I felt something in my heart centre, as though healing was taking place, a familiar sensation I have felt here and there, soothing.  I stayed until I got the sense it was ok to leave, which was shortly after 6:00 PM.

Something interesting happened with bibliomancy on that day.  At home, earlier, I was drawn to my King James Bible to turn to 2nd Chronicles, Chapter 5 - which I got was a message about riches, in my case, and knowing them in life at some point.  When I was at the shrine, at one point I was drawn towards the big Bible at the altar, which I flipped open, and it fell on the exact same section!  I didn't even have to leaf to it!  So that was a mighty wave from the Divine, I thought.  There were hawks flying overhead, and a funny little robin that kept insisting on perching on the big cross on the hill, singing his song.  Again, the big fluffy neighbourhood cat strutted about, like he owned the place.  There is a majestic quality to this land, and I recommend it to everyone, to see nature celebrate the glory of the Divine in the natural world around us.

Something I sensed recently - one of my items had to be thrown out, for I got that my demon had cursed it, keeping me sick.  Not wanting to take any chances, I threw it out, for it was a powerful suggestion delivered to me from my guide, and often it would seem like I would feel healing, but revert back to being sick.  I blessed several items in my apartment that represent Christ and Mary to drive any remaining evil out, for I wasn't aware that something had been affecting my dwelling until recently.  Just residue, I suppose.  Tobacco is my go-to plant medicine for blessing items, it seems to work better than just calling upon Divinity through vocal prayer to do so.  (I will say it felt odd throwing more out because of past instruction to throw out spiritual items that led to an unnecessary purge of things I loved - but what I understand now is that it was not coming through clearly, and there were indeed a couple of items that truly needed to be tossed, not the lot of them.  Two other objects were thrown out earlier, this was the last of them, I think.  Evil has complicated my channel, making it hard to see specifics.)

I am still not 100%, but feel a little more relaxed.  Night isn't as tough for me.  Full release is on the horizon, I feel.


Friday, 28 May 2021

Video: Considerations when cursing with dark and light sources...


I always say this - I never advocate attempting to curse with the influence of dark forces.  I sometimes agree to attempting it when higher Divinity is working the mechanism, as a justice piece.  I especially believe in it when a benevolent god source approaches you and asks it be done, but that is super rare.  Surrendering your magickal will to higher Divinity is an excellent way to avoid creating negative karma for yourself, preventing unwanted magick from even working in the first place.

I expect to get vitriol from both Christians and satanists about this one (if they ever find out about it), but I still wanted to do it.


Sunday, 23 May 2021

Video: My method of channeling...


This one is quite short - I channeled on what there is to understand about my method of channeling.  (Once again, I am a conscious channel, not a trance channel, so I am fully aware of everything going on as I do this.)

Today was fun - I headed back to St. James Park with a mystic friend of mine for experimental Christian alcohol rituals with litanies.  We are forming a little group called "Order of the Blood of the Lamb", which sounds way more badass and compelling than "Christian Wine Ministries" - ha!  We recited several litanies while offering tobacco in our prayers and sipping away on the blessed juice.  Warm feelings ensued, and we plan on doing it again.  It doubled as a picnic.


Saturday, 22 May 2021

Video: Cultivating wisdom...


One of my better ones so far, I feel.  Interesting insights about the ego, and how it gets in the way, and what to consider with that.  (I think I mentioned this elsewhere before, but one of the best quotes I have heard on the ego came from a Kabbalah book, in which it said "The ego makes a great servant, but a terrible master."  This is very true, in my experience.)

Looks like an endoscopy is being scheduled for me - I've talked to others who have had them and they all say it's not a big deal.  I am not used to lots of odd medical complications - apart from spiritual and psychological suffering, I haven't gotten sick in life that much, my constitution tends to be excellent.  Fingers crossed that my esophagus is fine!


Friday, 21 May 2021

Fraternizing with trees...

This one is a bit peculiar, but it's beautiful, if you believe in this sort of thing -

In the past year, I prayed to my sources that I be able to communicate with nature, knowing that some claim to be able to hear from trees and animals - animistic practice, basically.  It seems like recently that just began to open up.  

I've started frequent visits to St. James Park, where the big Anglican cathedral resides.  There's a nice, modest sized park in this area, with a playground, and often you will see families and dog walkers.  It hasn't been heavily overtaken by crowds during the pandemic, so it seems like a relatively safe bet for going to sit and be with nature, in any way that's possible in a city like Toronto.

I was sitting near the playground, on the grass, when I got the sense that a spirit was trying to get my attention.  I then realized it was the spirit of a nearby young tree (I don't know my tree species that well) and it had things to tell me based on what it could sense in my soul.  Mostly, what it told me was private, but it also told me there are friends in this park, that there's an interesting natural presence in the area, and I should wander to another tree closer to the church.  I got the messages through channel and spirit writing, and in using my deck of tarot cards.  (I suppose trees can pick up on a lot from a person, they sense details a certain way.  I also got that although trees suffer at the hands of humans and don't like it, there is a patience to them, and because of how they perceive, it's not quite the same as when another species suffers.  I began to feel really sick about deforestation, and stayed with the tree for a bit before wandering to another one.)

The second tree I was drawn to was an ancient one, perhaps the oldest in the vicinity.  (I am not sure what kind it was either.)  It had messages about what my problem is, health wise.  Because I destroyed a negative presence, evil itself is still trying to oppress me, and it does this by making me feel sick, weary, and by confusing my channel and my mind sometimes.  I have been getting bits and pieces of truth along the way, but because of something in the source that really hates me, there are days where I am just really off, which can lead me to false conclusions, and also emotional pain.  It went on to say that I am being freed because of the Divine, but that I have to wait it out.  I do believe it has gotten better - with everything I am doing, and with time, it does feel incrementally less than it did in the past.  This tree also went on to give me an eerie prophetic message - that in 25 months, the old world will die, and a new world will begin, and the strange times we are in right now are showing signs of this.  It implies a massive change in karma, not a dead planet, of course.  So June of 2023 might be an interesting month, if this is true.

I have never had much of a green thumb, but I have always felt heartbroken when losing a plant to poor gardening habits.  I will continue to keep visiting these trees and see what else comes of their insights.  (I don't expect most of my friends to see this as anything more than quirky and psychotic but in a cute way, but it felt very powerful and moving when it happened.)

Anyway, here's Plantasia:



Thursday, 20 May 2021

Video: Working with angels...


I have worked extensively with Metatron and also here and there with several other angels - angel assistance seems to come quickly when I call upon it, and I can see the results begin to form within days, depending on what it is.  (I have heard of people having odd experiences where they feel ungrounded with angels, but I consider that a sign that there may simply be more spiritual work to do, rather than a pitfall.  For that, I suggest aligning with Lord Jesus Christ to help get you grounded - I don't say that in a Christian sense, I say that in an esoteric sense, but I'm sure at least many Christians who are adventurous would agree with me.)