Saturday, 4 December 2021

Video: Marijuana...


I did one on plant medicines / entheogens, but here's one that speaks specifically on marijuana as a spiritual substance.  I smoke a joint of CBD at the end - I have gotten pretty good at making it through a whole joint without a single cough!

(The acrylic nails came off today, as I have a shift at my blue collar job later, and knew they might be popping off at work on their own.)

BTW - I think I will do a bibliomancy video about the Holy Bible using the Bible as the tool of divination, when I am a little finer still.  I will probably dress as Sister Penance, just to crank it up to 11, since it will probably be my most controversial video yet, so I might as well go full throttle!


Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Video: Dream analysis...

Another new one in the same day!  I wanted to do this video both to see what would come out of course, but also to show off my new acrylic nails - see below!

I've discussed dream analysis on this blog before but I don't think I have said much on video.  I hope you enjoy!

(Typing with these things is tricky!)


Video: The universe, consciousness, etc...


This subject came to me in a dream last night, so I decided to do a video on it.  (At the end, I sound silly calling this subject a "loaded" question - I meant to say a BIG question!  Ha!)

Not being a sciences buff, this might not be my finest video, but I found much of it interesting, and decided to post it.  Panpsychism is growing as a valid theory in the scientific community, and this video goes into some of the ideas affiliated with that.

Apart from sleep being not as consistent without sometimes requiring a sleep aid, I feel much more relaxed as of late.  I think things in my subconscious are adjusting, which might be why it's sometimes hard to nod off.  I could be wrong but I don't think I will be requiring the antidepressants for much longer, if I keep eating red meat and keep improving, they don't even seem to be doing too much.  I long for a time when I can come off of the Latuda, too, because it will strengthen my clairvoyance.


Monday, 29 November 2021

New painting: "Heart of The Lamb"...

This is a piece that I started last night, finished today, and might touch up a bit later.  As you probably guessed, this is a Jesus themed painting - I like doing religious surrealism and pop surrealism, psychedelic lines seem to feature a lot in my pieces.  Acrylic on canvas board, with black and gold pen.

Since I don't feel as driven by art as I once did, when I do feel the muse kick up, I try to follow through and make something.  I fell out of love with the idea of being a commercial artist, hating the industry, and will now only paint for enjoyment (usually).  I don't mind the idea of being an artist with a cult following, but in the meantime I don't feel like making a business out of my art... I can't think that way for now.

New prayers that might have helped, in the long term: though I have incrementally made things better with time, I wondered what it all meant.  I shrugged one day, recently, and prayed to Christ that I get a job as a working "shaman".  (I know that word comes with negative connotations, but not having officially come from a tradition, I don't know what else I should use - I know an Algonquin man who self identifies as a shaman, and he is the real deal, able to go into trance journeys at will, without psychoactives, and has done marvelous journeys for me, so if he's calling himself that, I might as well too.). After praying this, I got a sense the Spirit is going to shape me to be something over the next few months, so we shall see.  White medicine people that are legit do exist, but there are too many plastic shamans out there making the real ones look bad.  Bottom line: if you didn't get sick because of the spirit world and cure yourself to find your power, you are NOT a real shaman, you are perhaps a healer or a shamanic practitioner.  There are degrees.

I am still of the opinion that part of my journey (a big part) was about refinement, finding my strength, and becoming a talent with spirituality... maybe this is my call as a job.  I will wait for the world to show me doorways... it makes sense in this case, if it is a call.  I believe that even big cities in the west need doctors of the soul, perhaps in some ways they are starving for them.


PS: Also showing off my new tarot card earrings - from Spencer's!

Friday, 26 November 2021

Eucharistic prayers...

I went to Catholic mass yesterday, for the first time in a while, after getting the impression that some of my spirit drawings were implying that I should take the eucharist for help with my growth in Jesus.  I snuck communion, posing as a Catholic, which I have done before - some say that's taboo, but I have heard others say it's only really offensive if you are doing it to troll, that some Catholics don't mind an Anglican like me taking it with sincere intentions.  The official opinion, as far as I can tell, is that Rome doesn't like it, but many parishes don't give a shit.

Then I remembered that I can just pray for the eucharist if I can't be in church to receive it, which is what Catholics had to do during the pandemic.  So I experimented, praying to Christ and Mary that it be possible to receive multiple "doses" of this in one day, and then used a mantra of praying it repeatedly for the next few hours.

The result, later, was that I felt slightly closer to Jesus.  Certain spirit drawings stopped showing up, and channel felt more relaxed.  Time will tell, as with everything, but I may have just figured out something with my relationship to Christ.  What has affected me, in some ways, is a byproduct that is the result of a sinful entity having inhabited my soul for over a decade.  This has faded with time and self treatment, but I still am not 100% - it's more like 75-80% at this point, maybe even finer.

This must all sound so insane, but Christian mysticism is powerful stuff, and spiritual illness is real.  Healing is about coaxing everything in the right direction, and it seems I have come a long way.  My dreams, too, seem to be revealing hints to me about what to consider in prayers, healing, and what it all means.


Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Video: Scrying with crystal balls...


I learned something interesting while channeling this - my method of scrying is unique to a certain variant of psychic, others work with this differently.  I hope I did this subject matter justice, as I am self taught in this area of psychic ability... it just came to me after years of attunement.

It seems I have to sort out things with my subconscious some more, I get it is still integrating with the conscious mind.  This means I am still in an awkward stage where I may misinterpret my state, hence this being a contemplation blog, not a teaching blog.  To get a clear and accurate reading, I have learned it is necessary to open with prayers... otherwise, the subconscious might just blurt something out.


Monday, 22 November 2021

Video: Crystals...


This ain't your typical crystal chick video - I go into how damaging the industry of crystal mining is to communities in the world that the First World exploits.  But I also discuss principles of how these items can still be beneficial, hence why so many swear by them.  I am trying out some for myself right now - a pouch containing selenite, clear quartz, obsidian, and amethyst.  I am not obsessed with crystals and only buy them as I require them, and have also had some gifted to me.  Spirit told me that this industry should be considered far more offensive than the idea of non-natives using white sage (for example), which can always grow back in nature... with minerals, once they're gone, they're gone.

I am having a day where I feel extra relaxed, and have felt some psychological shifts, so if I seem a bit tired here, that's why.  Nothing to worry about!