Sunday, 27 February 2022

Video: Metatron...


One of my personal favourite sources to work with for results.  Metatron, I'm getting, needs to be handled appropriately and with respect (and a solid foundation) if you want a safe experience.  There is so much difference between my mind then and now thanks to this mighty seraph.

Anyway, here's a clip from the cinematic past, while on the subject of Metatron - I miss Alan Rickman:

"Dogma" - Alan Rickman as Metatron


"Sister Penance and the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit"...

Just finished - another Sister Penance pin up!  Right now I'm just calling it "Sister Penance and the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit" but I might change it later.  Once again, acrylics and pen on canvas board.

I might be selling a couple more recent pieces - good thing, since money is a bit tight right now.  Sexy, pop pieces tend to sell better than anything else, so I guess I should keep making those!


Slightly closer to Christ...

Lately, I am feeling Christ might be a closer presence in my life.  I had been taking communion, going semi regularly to St. Michael's cathedral for prayer, contemplation and candle lighting, but also I have experimented with my own consecration of Pinot Grigio by calling upon Jesus to consecrate it as the Blood of Christ - then I consume it with the intention to come closer to Him.  I am certain some would say that what I'm doing is blasphemous, being considered a mere "lay", but in my changing state, I feel it's important to experiment.  However it has happened, His love feels warmer and closer, and pain feels like it's fading.  Sometimes I feel that the entity might still remain to some degree, but that it's ultimately lost, and is a fading ember.  I get that my task right now is to come closer and closer to Jesus, and see where that takes me.  I also often pray with certain methods to Sekhmet for holy refinement.  This is about experimentation and taking note of what seems to work.  Darkness doesn't seem so dark now - it seems to mock itself more than it taunts me at this point.

Cymbalta seems to be causing me mild brain zaps, which is usually a withdrawal thing, so I'm not sure why this is happening.  One thing I wondered about is how serotonin mixes with DMT in the brain during an awakening - because SNRIs play with serotonin, if my chemistry is changing, maybe I'm feeling this reaction?  Can't know for sure, it's mildly disturbing, and I would love to get off. I still haven't heard from my GP about tapering the dosage.

Sleep is better, as I mentioned before - I am getting fuller night's rest, and haven't needed a sleep aid in a while.  Mood is better, too... less fear, less concern.  Sometimes I worry that I might truly be insane and my madness is a strange trip into my subconscious, and yet I relate so well to people, I have such fascinating insights about myself and other things, and people swear by my candle spells and my readings.  So, I press on, hoping for the best.

There seems to be a lot of police presence in my area right now, and this has been ongoing for a while, even before that silly convoy thing.  Although police have a troubled history with the poor and marginalized, because of the violence and strangeness of my area, I do feel slightly less concerned about being out after hours.  Yesterday, there were horses.

All in all, I'm feeling more hope as of late, which is something I can't honestly say I was always certain of.


Friday, 25 February 2022

Video: St. Gabriel the archangel...


Gabriel, I believe, was the angel I saw when I first prayed to St. Jude for divine assistance.  Gabriel, I channeled, also wanted me to pray to them after a haunting final phone call from my Dad, who no longer made sense in conversation, dying of a brain tumour.  I prayed to Gabriel for him, not knowing what was going on, and within a few weeks Dad passed gently and with very little pain.  After that, I sensed his spirit around me, and so I developed some degree of mediumism.  Gabriel has helped me both with recovery and development.

I'm hoping my Workman Arts Channel 2400 episode will be uploaded soon - I would love to see the results of the edits.  I will post a link to the YouTube video when it's online.


Video: Alcohol magick... again!


Well, I took down my last attempt at this, as I found it too silly in tone, in the end, and that was partially because I had had a couple of drinks before doing it!  This take is a bit better, and a bit more informative.

I am wondering a bit if, what I thought was a mushroom cloud that came through in my spirit drawings, was a premonition about what's going on in Ukraine.  My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people, and they will be in my prayers.


Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Video: St. Michael the archangel...


Not my main angel, but certainly one I felt had a hand, and a very important figure in spirituality, St. Michael is considered the Prince of the Heavenly Host, and will fight for your liberation if you get into a spiritual crisis with dark spirits.  (This video went into details I guess others in religion would have to confirm for me, so keep that in mind!)  Hope you enjoy!

BTW, the best wine for working with the Blood of Christ, in magick, that I have found (thus far) is Pinot Grigio.  I have been playing Marie Curie (if she was a spiritualist) with alcohol, having a jolly good time seeing what comes of it.  

(At this point I don't really give a shit how bizarre my activities look.  Pray for my liver, sinners!)


Tuesday, 22 February 2022

"Holy Misfits"...

 I had a lot of fun with this piece.  I decided to bring back this weird pope character, and now I am trying to come up with a good name that suggests he's rather absurd.  I thought about something that sounds redundant, like "Father Pope" or "Pope Pontiff", but a friend suggested "Pope Sanctimonious" and I might go with that.  He's the kind of pope that has more than he knows what to do with, hence his rocket throne with organ pipes, and I imagine he keeps the Holy Spirit (a dove) in a bird cage.

The Sphynx cat is named Metatron, and I haven't figured him out yet.  I don't know if he talks yet or not... maybe he has access to the Akashic Records.

Anyway, no idea if I will do anything with these characters, but it's fun to design them!


Monday, 21 February 2022

"Holy Smokes!"

I made another one!

Sister Penance, the pious pervert, enjoys a cigar, as her smoke forms the symbol of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  (The design is based on the cover art of the single for Madonna's song "Deeper and Deeper".)

This might be the kind of thing I do for a while, to get back into cartooning, since no plots are leaping out and grabbing my attention, and I tend to only make things (big projects, anyway) when I feel compelled to do them.  "Asylum Squad" took several rewrites, but I think that in the end I got it right... probably.  The idea of cartoon nuns in rubber makes me want to draw them, but I can't think of anything compelling to write about with this character just yet.

Calmer nights again, as of late.  Hope it lasts!


Sunday, 20 February 2022

Dietary adjustments (and other things)...

Well, sinners - after experimenting with a high beef diet, I can honestly say that what kundalini yogis have implied was true - red meat is important.  Fuck abiding the vegan movement for "good karma" - I love animals, but some people just need to eat red meat.  Here's what I felt like on a vegetarian diet:


Next, this is what flexitarian was like (slightly more meat, but still mostly vegetarian):


Finally - a high beef, high animal protein diet - yessss!


Sorry, vegans... this honkey needs red meat!  I feel so much better eating cow... I know kundalini yoga has dictated red meat is essential, and since obeying it, my energy levels are so much finer.

Also - I am experimenting with covering my head throughout the day - be it a toque, or something else... it seems I might need it to "contain myself".  (This is also something I had heard about from kundalini yoga, but I think it translates well to what I'm going through.)  Consider hats essential for heightened awareness, sinners!

Joe Cocker - "You Can Leave Your Hat On"



Saturday, 19 February 2022

Post comic conclusion realization...

(I meant to do a post about this long ago, when I realized it, but I only just remembered to do it now.)

This is pretty cool, and again an example of the unconscious at work in miraculous ways while exploring art and writing.  This was never intentional, at least not when I went to paint the final image, but I realized later I had painted a variation of the "Judgement" card from the Rider Waite tarot deck.

"Judgement" is a card often affiliated with themes like liberation, an inner calling, transformation, and discarding the old way of things, which funnily enough happens with the twist at the end of "Asylum Squad".  Suddenly, old ideas about the comic's message might change when one realizes it's a patron saint story in disguise, Liz's personal identity takes on new meaning, and of course there's a feeling of divine providence about the library scene, once revisited.  It delighted me how this synchs up so well, when I re-examined the tarot card's meaning.  I think my Jungian analyst would delight in this.

I wonder if there are other "accidental" tarot cards written into the series - one example I can think of is the flaming tower in Sarah Lockhart's Ajna project dream sequences as Electroshock.  It seems like she's conquered her demons by the end of the dream, but later we find out that this is not quite the case, so that the tower may represent a looming psychological crisis in her life, because of the drug's damaging side effects.

If I notice any other easter eggs like this, ones I wasn't even consciously aware of, I will share them on this blog.


Thursday, 17 February 2022

"Asylum Squad Omnibus" cover...

This is an acrylics and pen on canvas board piece, and might likely be used as the art for a future omnibus of the collected "Asylum Squad" comics.  Because I don't currently have working photo editing software (I just haven't bothered with it, really) I decided to make this the old fashioned way - hand painted, something different and special.  (The title information will be added later with the computer, after this is scanned... by that point, I should have Photoshop or GIMP or something.

I was in the Kensington Market area today, and thought to go into an import store for a "mental hospital safe scrying tool" - cuz ya never know!  Crystal balls would never be allowed, nor would certain mirrors... I was looking for a clear bouncy ball made of rubber that could be a makeshift scrying orb.  I found a pocket mirror that looks to be made of plastic, and found that holding it at an angle, it works for scrying just as well as crystal balls do.  I can also carry it in my purse to scry anywhere if I randomly have a question for the Spirit, but being a soul still in recovery I have to think about the possibility that ER visits might still be in my future (even though psychiatry is useless in some ways).  Tarot cards are ward safe, but reflective surfaces, depending on what they're made of... dodgy.  

(It's weird that I have to think about these things, but that's just how bizarre my life is.)


Video: St. Joseph...


This one mainly touches on how St. Joseph is the go to patron saint for selling houses, if you find yours isn't moving on the housing market.  There's a Catholic folk magick spell that involves burying a statue of him upside down in your lawn, facing the house (I think), and then you are to pray to him until your house sells, or with the St Joseph novena - there are a few variations.  Catholics swear by it, my mother knows at least one person who couldn't move her property, but St. Joseph came to her aid within weeks.

That's all for now - another video will be along shortly!


Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Fuck it - yet more fun with AI and the pope...

 <-Just some old art from my year long CAMH stay - I don't think I even named this one, but I guess it speaks for itself?!

So, because of the art I used here, the first combination for the AI narrative device is "the pope" and "space travel vanity project" - this one has two entries, which were both amusing:

Pope Francis had a message for space travelers: be modest. The pope, who is known for being passionate about the environment and human rights, made the comments during a travelogue for the Vatican's space vanity project, which is hoping to send a manned spacecraft to the moon by 2021. "In our world, we are living in a time of great change," Francis said. "That's why I ask of you: be modest. Be content with what you have. Be proud of the small things. Remember that our journey to the moon is not an easy one. It's a long and difficult one. But it's also a great journey, because it leads us to the stars."

Pope Francis had an interesting idea for a vanity project: send a human being to Mars. The pope thought it would be a great way to show the world that we're the best people in the world and that we can do things that no one has ever done. He was sure that by traveling to Mars, we would show the world that we're the best people ever. But the pope's plan fell apart. No one wanted to go to Mars. They said it was too dangerous. They said it would be time-consuming and it would be a waste of money. But the pope was not deterred. He kept going back to the idea of sending a human being to Mars. He was sure that if he made it happen, the world would see that we're the best people and that we can do great things.

Next, we have "the pope" and "theremin", but this makes it sound like the pope has no clue what a theremin actually is:

Pope Francis has a message for the world: stop using theremins. The pope's announcement came in a speech at a Vatican conference on digital music, which was billed as an important step in preventing copyright infringement. "The use of theremins has become a serious problem in the Western world," the pope said. "They are used to violation of the law, to make unauthorized copies of music, and to broadcast without permission." The pope called for a crackdown on theremins, saying that they could be used to transmitter music signals illegally and to pirate music. He also said they could be used to make unauthorized copies of copyrighted works. The pope's announcement comes as a surprise to many theremins owners, who had thought that the new rules would only apply to new owners of theremins.

On to "the pope" and "Care Bears":

The pope was in the care bear room, looking at all the plush animals. He loved care bears. He had a soft spot for them. He thought about how much they had helped him in his life. They had always been there for him, no matter what. He thought about how he had helped care bears in return. He had taught them how to be kind and gentle. He was proud of what he had done.

 "The pope" and "Kraut Rock":

Pope Francis is a man of the people. He likes to preach about the importance of being kind and helping others, but he's also an expert on Krautrock. That's right, Krautrock. The pope's favorite type of music. The kind that's all about metal and loud guitars and big drums. And, of course, the strong, assertive voice of the frontman. So when the pope was asked to contribute to a music festival in Rome, he was intrigued. He saw the potential for some great music, and he wanted to be a part of it. He went to the festival and loved it. He even recorded a song for the event. Everyone at the festival loved the pope's music. It was so different from the rest and it was so good. The pope was so popular that he even got a tattoo of a Krautrock guitar on his chest. It's a great reminder of how popular he is and how much he loves the music.

 "The pope" and "Canadian Tire money" (it's possible that only Canadians will see the humour here):

Pope Francis called for a "cultural revolution" in the Catholic Church and announced plans to invest more money in education and the environment. Canadian Tire money will be one of the new funds he plans to allocate.

 "The pope" and "tardigrades" - this one also has two entries:

Pope Francis called for a new age of understanding and compassion, one in which the world is "saved by the conversion of the tardigrade." The creatures, which measure just one-and-a-half inches long and live in cold climates, have been shown to be the first creatures to truly understand the love of God.

Pope Francis met a tardigrade on his tour of the Vatican. The tardigrade was so small and slow that it was hard to take pictures, but the pope was fascinated by its slow, methodical way of life.

 "The pope" and "the Muppets":

Pope Francis had a message for the muppets: be kind to each other. The muppet characters were having a little too much fun at a Vatican amusement park, and the pope was not happy. So he decided to take matters into his own hands. He announced that all muppet characters must stop making fun of the pope and sensitive religious figures. The characters were outraged, but they had no choice but to obey. The pope was so happy with the muppets' response that he decided to stay for dinner.

Yikes - perhaps I should take this suggestion from the AI as well and leave the papacy alone, at least for THIS post!  (I'm sure more are coming later... sorry, God.)


Video: St. Peter the Apostle...


I was getting interesting insights about this saint - for one, he's affiliated with chosen holy figures, those called by God.  I was not aware of this from study, but I suppose it makes sense, if he guards Heaven and was chosen by Christ as the first pope... he would have an interesting authority.  Anyway, I hope this is enjoyed!

I'm back at work again, things are slow but they will probably be picking up again soon.  I sold "Holy Catfight" today, and am working on a potential cover for an "Asylum Squad" omnibus.  Slowly but surely, art is creeping back into my life!


PS: My evil childhood dentist was just arrested on 8 counts of assault, but I assure you there were far more victims than that, including myself.  I still am nervous of going to the dentist, despite how wonderful my current one is.  I can't believe Dr. Gaum has been getting away with this shit since the 70s, and only now there's a case against him!

Sunday, 13 February 2022

"Holy Catfight"...

A nice pin up of Sister Penance fighting Lilith in a "holy catfight".  (This might become a series of fun naughty pin ups that flirt with sexy themes, but I don't intend on any of them being too overtly sexual... just playful and fun.  Being ace, I like to draw naughty, kinky things, but it's more like a kid laughing at boobies than anything that does anything for me.  It's simply interesting for me to draw it, I like sexy vintage cartoons.)

Once again, this was on canvas board - acrylics and pen.

Could a Sister Penance themed comic be far behind?  I'm not sure, but I am having fun with these.


Thursday, 10 February 2022

Video: Iconography...

Sometimes I paint psychedelic icons, which I talk about a bit in this video, towards the end.  I am especially drawn to, and am fascinated by, religions that have lush, beautiful icons.  Just the artist in me, and the way I perceive when I worship.  (I joke that Protestantism is "too minimalist" for my tastes, but there's other reasons I just don't feel it as much as my Catholic side - not honouring Mary enough is another reason.)

I was moved to talk about this subject matter, in part, by Sister Wendy, the art nun, because I recently watched a few more clips of her.  What a delightful woman she was.


Tuesday, 8 February 2022

Video: Having a relevant eclectic spiritual practice...


I feel like eclectic spirituality often gets a bad reputation, or is heavily affiliated with New Age and cultural appropriation.  Nevertheless, if I were to be honest with myself, it is one way of defining the techniques I have been combining to save myself from religious conflicts.  So, how do you practice relevant eclectic spirituality?  Here's some tips and ideas I got through channel on that - interesting stuff.

I am going to try coming off of the Cymbalta soon, if all goes well with advice from my GP.  I feel like it probably didn't do much more than placebo, and now that I'm eating a lot of red meat my energy levels have been much finer.  We'll see how it plays out!


Getting help from Lord Pluto: another pagan experiment with my recovery...

I had been getting spirit drawings of sigils affiliated with Pluto, and at first I thought it was some astrological thing, so I began praying over that, wondering about planetary forces or something of the like.  Then, I concluded it might be a suggestion from the Spirit, that the god Pluto could answer a prayer that might not be as quickly or as thoroughly answered by other sources.  So, I chose to try invoking Him.

I channeled a message to reach out to Pluto for help with my unconscious, and that I once again had to consecrate some whisky and sip enough to get a reaction.  So, off I went to the LCBO for more Fireball.

After consuming enough, I got the sense something was coming through channel, and got the impression that (perhaps) the god had responded.  (Again, I think this is about having an answered prayer, and not going to be one of my regular go to gods.)

It makes sense that Pluto would have a connection to the unconscious, being Lord of the Underworld - in shamanism, the unconscious has powerful ties to the Underworld for journeying.  My unconscious has been in extreme pain for a very long time.  While my ego conscious is pretty strong and healthy, and has powerful ties and guidance to and from the Higher Self, something about the lower levels have been very sore.  As I suspected, perhaps darkness was still affecting it - or, perhaps it's just a madness that meds simply have no effect on, because it's another level of the psyche, one psychiatry either chooses to ignore in the age of pharmaceuticals, or just hasn't figured out yet.  Whatever the reason, when I get a suggestion like this, I experiment, having no healer to rely on, and nothing to lose.

I shall now try consecrating CBD flower to Lord Pluto as well, calling to Him when I smoke it, for help with the unconscious.  As a henotheist, I see the gods (the godly gods, not the ones who are difficult, like Saturn, Set, etc) as extensions of the highest good, and so with this in mind I see no real reason not to experiment with several, if a need can be met with a different god, even if it looks like I am mixing up my pantheons.  I have created a path for myself where I traverse and combine elements of many paths, because of how complicated things were in the first place.  In experimenting, and following though, things are less complicated, but the work I have had to do, and the trial and error, has been immense.

It is not a path, whatever it is, for the casual seeker, but it has become necessary because of the circumstances.


Monday, 7 February 2022

Video: The Psalms...


NOTE: I have mostly been using the Psalms to attack the dark with the light, but now I am going to focus more on reciting them for further attunement.  I certainly feel a reaction when I recite them sometimes - it's like what I imagine the Care Bear Stare would feel like, all aglow in the chest and abdomen.  Lovely feeling.

My dreams have been getting more psychic and insightful as of late - I can't recall if I mentioned that already.  It's making the sleep experience more hopeful and, dare I say, useful to my spiritual practices.

I have a feeling that, however it plays out, the Year of the Water Tiger might be an interesting one for my soul.


Sunday, 6 February 2022

More fun with AI and the pope...

 I just couldn't stay away!

Here are some more examples of AI and the pope, starting with "the pope" and "doomsday device":

On the day of the Pope's death, the world was in chaos. Rumors were flying that the Vatican had released an apocalyptic doomsday device that would destroy the world. No one knew for sure, but everyone was in a panic. As the Pope's ambulance drove away from the Vatican, the world suddenly came to a standstill. The Pope had died, but no one knew whether or not the doomsday device was real. But no one could focus on the worry of the Pope's death when the world was so unstable.

Next, we have "the pope" and "dominatrix" (WARNING: some of these entries are a bit naughty!  Be warned!):

No one knows for sure how it started. Some say it was an accident. Others say the pope was experimenting with a new form of spiritual leadership. But what is certain is that the dominatrix lifestyle soon became a popular way for the Catholic Church to reach out to the LGBTQ+ community. And for the pope, it was a way to both stay in power and show his support for those who were considered to be less than.

Now, onto "the pope" and "rubber pants":

Pope Francis is known for his outspoken views on social justice and his love of people. But even he was surprised by a request from a group of rubber-clad nuns from Uruguay. The nuns wanted the pope to bless their rubber pants, which they said helped them feel more comfortable and confident during Mass.

"The pope" and "Chuck E Cheese's":

When Chuck E. Cheese's closed down, the pope was very sad. He loved Chuck E. Cheese's more than anything in the world. But then he thought of something. Maybe there is another Chuck E. Cheese's out there, one that is even better than the old one. So he set out to find it.

"The pope" and "hipsters" (one of my faves):

Pope Francis has a message for hipsters: don't be afraid to be yourself. When the pontiff was asked about the hipster stereotype during a press conference on Wednesday, he said that being yourself is the best way to avoid being judged. "You must not be afraid to be different," he said. "And be yourself, and do not try to be someone you are not. The key is to be true to yourself." Many hipsters embraced the pontiff's message, saying that they appreciate his message of acceptance. "It's really nice to hear someone say that we're not all bad," said one. "I think a lot of people feel like they have to be this anti-establishment person, but the pope is saying that's not necessary."

"The pope" and "strip club":

Pope Francis made an unexpected visit to a strip club in Rome on Thursday, where he was photographed dancing with the employees and kissing a woman on the cheek. The pope's visit to the club, called "Il Temptation," sparked outrage among some Catholics, but the pontiff defended his decision, saying that he was simply trying to show his support for the working class. "I know that many people are scandalized by my visit to a strip club, but I wanted to show my support for the working class and to show that I'm not a hypocrite," the pope said.

"The pope" and "Aleister Crowley":

Aleister Crowley was a fascinating man, and his life is a testament to the power of belief. Born in 1875, he had a difficult childhood, but was able to find happiness and success as an occultist and writer. In 1912, he met Pope Pius X and was so impressed that he became a Catholic. Crowley believed that the pope was a powerful spiritual leader and was able to help him change the Catholic Church for the better. He died in 1947, but his legacy lives on.

"The pope" and "the magic of Disney":

On a clear day, you can see the Vatican City from the top of the Disney theme park, Mickey Mouse. The pope is a big fan of the mouse, and he often smiles when he sees the park. One day, he came to the park by helicopter. As he was getting out, he saw a little girl walking her dog. The dog had a Mickey Mouse collar, and the pope started to smile again. He knew that the magic of Disney would never die.

"The pope" and "RuPaul's Drag Race":

Pope Francis made history on Monday night when he became the first pontiff to appear on "RuPaul's Drag Race." The pontiff was a guest judge for the Season 9 premiere and delivered an insightful critique of the contestants. "I think it's great that the Church is getting more and more involved in the arts," Francis said. "But let's not forget that drag is also an art form." The contestants were thrilled to meet the pope, and many praised him for his insight. "He's so cool," said contestant Trixie Mattel. "He has a lot of knowledge about the Church and the Bible, and he's really down to earth." RuPaul was also impressed by the pontiff. "I think he's a really good judge," RuPaul said. "He has a lot of common sense and a lot of insight. He knows a lot about the Church and about culture."

"The pope" and "punk rock" - here are 3 versions, all were good:

Punk rock was never meant to be a lifestyle choice. It was meant to be rebellion against the establishment. And the pope was never meant to be a rockstar. But that's exactly what he became. And the people of the world loved it.

Punk rock and the pope have a lot in common. Both rebels against the status quo, both filled with self-confidence, and both willing to challenge convention. Punk rock and the pope are also both misunderstood. Despite its negative image, punk rock is actually a very positive form of music. It encourages creativity, self-expression, and individuality. Punk rock and the pope are both misunderstood and undervalued, but that doesn't stop them from making a difference in the world.

Pope Francis flew into New York City on Wednesday, and the punk scene was there to greet him. The pontiff waves as he walks down the stairs of the plane, and the crowd of punks in the airport breaks into a chorus of "We are the Champions" and other punk classics. The pope, wearing a black T-shirt and jeans, smiles and waves back. It's a fitting welcome for the pope, who is known for his rock 'n' roll sensibilities. In fact, he is a big fan of punk rock. He's quoted as saying that punk is "a cry of anger and rebellion against the status quo." The pope's visit to New York City is only the beginning of his five-day trip. He'll also be in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia again.

(The AI failed to understand that "We Are The Champions" is not punk - lol)

Anyway, I had to include these because some gold came out tonight - hope that was funny!


PS: Here is the website, if you want to have your own fun with "the pope" or any other subject matter:

Narrative Device

Video: Spirit guides - are you dealing with a friend, or a foe?


This one was interesting - I used Dixit cards again, the first time in a while.  I know I have good guides around me now, but at this point it feels like my time should be about getting closer to hearing their words clearly, not just sensing their presence.  I still get some noise, but far less than I used to.  I don't believe one should ever stop with personal attunement, if they are to engage with the spirit world.  (Remember, God is great - align with the Higher Spirit for help!)


Saturday, 5 February 2022

Fun with AI and the pope...

I just discovered an AI story generator, and have had some fun with it.  It seems like when you use "the pope" as one of the two subjects you must enter to generate a story, it often results in hilarity.

Here's one I got using "the pope" and "Hooters" (though oddly enough, it couldn't complete it, and conked out, so I ended up finishing the story, which you will see in brackets at the end):

Pope Francis had never been to Hooters, but he had heard about it. He'd even seen the commercials. He was intrigued. So when he was invited to attend a meeting at the Hooters restaurant in Washington, D.C., he decided it would be a good opportunity to visit. When he arrived, he was greeted by the restaurant's Manager, Bob. Bob showed him to his table and told him about the specials. Pope Francis was impressed. He had never eaten at a restaurant with such a wide variety of food. There was everything from chicken to shrimp to wings to salads to burgers to potato wedges. Bob brought him a menu and introduced him to the waitresses. They were all eager to serve him. Pope Francis was charmed by them. They were all young, beautiful women. They all had big smiles and beautiful eyes. After Bob left, one of the waitresses came over to talk to Pope Francis. She told him about the restaurant and how it had started. She told him about the Hooters Girls and how they were the best in the business. She also told him about the famous Hooters Girls Calendar. Pope Francis was impressed. He told the waitresses that he [was so delighted by their service that he promised to canonize all of them after their deaths.]

(Wow, the pope sure seems mesmerized by bad American bar food and pretty girls!) *_*

Here's another plot, this one would make a great Catholic comedy movie, using "the pope" and "dance off":

Pope Gregory XIII was not a popular pope. He had a reputation for being strict and unforgiving, and many people believed that he was too severe with the Catholic Church's rules and regulations. One of the most unpopular decisions that Gregory XIII made was his decision to forbid all Catholic priests from dancing. Many people believed that the pope's decision was a waste of time and energy, and that it was more important for priests to focus on their religious duties. But others, especially the younger priests, disagreed and decided to dance anyway. The dance off that ensued was fierce and passionate, and it soon became known throughout the Church as the "Dance of the Pope's Daughters." The ban on dancing was eventually lifted, and the pope's daughters - along with many other young priests - continued to dance off to their hearts' content.

Now here's a short one using "the pope" and "lolita fashion":

Lolita fashion is all the rage in the fashion world. The pope is said to be a fan of the look, and he often wears lolita-inspired robes when he travels.

Finally, "the pope" and "karaoke":

Pope Francis had one goal in mind when he made the decision to attend his first ever karaoke party. He wanted to make a good impression on the guests, and he thought singing along to popular songs would be a great way to do that. Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned. The pope's voice was off key and he couldn't keep a straight face while singing along to the popular songs. He quickly realized that karaoke isn't the best way to make new friends.

I have been in hysterics with what the AI has generated - this is non-stop amusement!  xD


UPDATE:  I did one more and this one is so bizarre I had to add it - so here it is... "the pope" and "handcuffs":

In the Vatican, there is a small room that is always dark. It's called the "Pope's Cell." It's where he spends all his time alone, thinking. And one day, the Pope found a box of old, rusty handcuffs. He was curious about them, so he took them out and put them on his hands. He sat there and thought about what they meant.

Friday, 4 February 2022

Video: Diabolical masculine and feminine...


I already did a video on devils, but decided to break it down to the masculine and feminine poles of the "evil yin yang", after pondering that I might have been harassed by Lilith, and did this video.  (I bet LHP people are going to attack me later for this - oh well.)




Lilith - "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" 

Whoops - I might have forgotten to take into account the diabolical feminine in my battle with evil!

Perhaps I assumed a bit too much with the ideas of me suffering the passion, just as I have assumed many times over what the remnants of my sufferage are coming from.  I fought an entity that called itself "Satan" (though what of that world it exactly was remains to be seen) - I defeated it, at least in part, in October of 2018, with a braid of sweetgrass and an invocation of seraphim, including Metatron.  But something dark lingered, remained, and since that time, daily, I have been fighting to rid myself of it, while contemplating my "conclusions" of things on this blog.  (It plays with the mind, so one is to expect I would seem a bit mad here and there... having a psychiatric history with these forces might make some skeptical of my story, but I assure you, the madness came of something of the spirit world.  I take medication and am still in a remarkable level of psychological pain.)

Lilith, the wife of Satan, popped into my head as a possible component to consider in this fight - what if something feminine remained of the battle?  I attacked the masculine with an offensive move using the sweetgrass smudge... for the feminine, it seems I needed a different approach.

I consecrated all of my St. Benedict medal crucifixes to fight Lilith specifically, contemplated over alcohol and glasses of holy water, and did my best with spirit writing and divination to figure this out.  The conclusion I began to arrive at was that I needed to take away from her, defences and such, possible negative outcomes, barriers, while getting help from the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine to control Lilith as a power.  It was at perhaps around 11:35 pm last night at a local bar restaurant, I was on the toilet of all places, and I got a message that something had changed.

Now, I have claimed and said much along this journey, so I have to see the results of this.  If the diabolical feminine is backing off, perhaps there is a waiting period, because I still feel something, only not as irritating.  I will hold onto a healthy dose of skepticism, just to be safe, but I felt it important to record that this happened last night, as I contemplate my recovery further, so I can look back and piece together everything.

If the diabolical masculine was an aggressor that tortured me and harmed me in one way, the diabolical feminine was a drain, an irritant, and made my mind profoundly peculiar... she also might have given me serious illnesses, or even might have killed me.  (It was kind of like fighting an evil Yin Yang.)  Lilith often gets propped up as a feminist icon, but when I read of the story of her and Adam, I don't see it as an empowering feminist symbol that she refused to submit to him, I see it as pure metaphor for a form of the primordial diabolical refusing to submit to the primordial sacred.  Modern mankind loves taking ancient ideas and symbols out of context through bad analysis with a modern lens, and that often misses the point entirely.

I think Lilith mucks a lot of people up in spirituality, even if they don't know about it, or think it's something else.  I even got through channel that she sometimes gives Catholics stigmata to humiliate them, I am not sure what the church would think of that "insight".  (BTW, my next pin up will be Sister Penance in a catfight with Lilith.)

I really hope this is the end of the evil shit, I am absolutely exhausted!