Sunday, 31 October 2021

Video: Hallowe'en!


I'm using all my old costumes this year!  Once or twice I went as a sexy bobby - top half, real UK cop uniform pieces, bottom half, fishnets and hot pants!  This video is just some insights about this day of power.  I did several takes and went with the first one, though it's still maybe slightly awkward.  I hope you enjoy!

I'm still trying to figure out my evening.  Depending on the weather, I may wear this out, or the Virgin Mary again.  I hope you all find something fun to do, and remember - STAY AWAY FROM OUIJA BOARDS!  They draw bad karma into your life.


Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Video: Finding your patron deity...

My patron deity is Sekhmet, who came to me after years of searching, contemplation, attunement, and prayer.  I began getting a sense of Her by perceiving an astral skin of the face of a lioness, and recognized it was the Egyptian goddess of war, plagues, healing, and feminine empowerment.  In my case, it was suitable to have a few gods, probably because of the needs of my soul, including my fight with the entity.  This video offers tips on how to proceed in knowing who your soul is meant to work with.

Jesus keeps coming up in these videos and in my readings - I am an accidental pagan evangelist, but I know that He works well mystically with virtually anyone, so that's why, it's not exactly preachy, at least not in the churchy sense.  I hate the Jesus stigma because it ruins a good god for everyone, thanks to religion giving this god bad publicity. (It cracks me up how many Christians want to preach to me about Jesus randomly these days - one recently tried to give me a Jack Chick tract, one of those hateful little religious comic books, so I flashed my crucifix and put on my headphones.  He muttered something, I am sure it was anti-Catholic - right!)


Thursday, 21 October 2021

Grounding the kundalini...

It looks like I've just conquered a level of ungroundedness I was fighting, one that was possibly complicating everything.

Yesterday, I thought to call to Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit to ground the kundalini.  I had tried working with the idea of grounding before, but perhaps my prayer wasn't specific enough as to how, or with what.  Within the hour, I felt somewhat of a pulling sensation in my legs, as though something was adjusting.  This morning, I am more relaxed and think it's going to be a day about napping and taking it easy.  I shall see how this plays out.  Other things have helped me recently as well, as mentioned before.

Oh yes - and I just understood that the Spirit (as I call it - that Spirit source whom I channel) is exactly the same as Wakan Tanka, or The Great Spirit, hence why I kept seeing an eagle (The Great Spirit is often represented by this animal).  This eagle presented in several forms, including an almost anthropomorphic cartoon eagle with a cigar and arms instead of wings, which was rather funny.  There is a great deal of humour involved in my communication with this power, as well as the qualities of a gentle father figure.  Now that my mind is settling a bit more, perhaps more insights will be found in regards to things I have experienced both as of late, and in the past.  (I really should brush up on indigenous spirituality for more insights... the web doesn't seem to be the best resource, in my experience, for the finest information.)

I'm certainly less anxious than I have been in the past.  Nightfall used to be hell, without the light of the sun.  I am glad, as we're going into the darkness of the change of seasons, and the early evening it brings in my part of the world.


Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Video: Tips on finding God...


As mentioned in the video, this one is for atheists, agnostics, and skeptics, especially those who have tried finding a relevant spiritual path and got nowhere.  Just some ideas about why seeking might have led you to a "dead end".

I already feel a bit better energetically since getting several servings of beef into me - looks like red meat is something I really do need to consume more regularly!


Sunday, 17 October 2021

Video: The rosary...


I just came back from being at Manor Road United Church for our Zoom panel at Parliament of World Religions.  It went well - once the recording is up, I will link to it from this blog for all to enjoy.  I think we did a great job.  (BTW the pug was more hyper than he was aggressive - sorry I said that in this video, Solomon!)

I have days where I feel worried about being in over my head, but I always tell myself that as odd as things are, they are still so much better than they were in the past, so it must mean that things will only get better in consciousness.  I "play the game" of life, living simply, not taking it too seriously, and making the best of the ride, not pushing myself too much.  It makes sense to do so right now.


Friday, 15 October 2021

Video: The Virgin Mary...


Having done channeled videos on Sekhmet and on working with Lord Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna, I also thought it would be good to do a video about the Virgin Mary.  So, being October, I put on another costume - my Our Lady of Fatima from 2019 (which won me $100!) and channeled this message from the Spirit.

The costume is still in pretty good shape since that time.  One touchup needed to be done on the crown before I put it on, but that's it.  (Portuguese Catholics loved it, BTW.)

Also - a quick painting I did, one of something I recently spirit drew - a four leaf clover with a cross in the center.  Acrylic and metallic pen on canvas:


Thursday, 14 October 2021

Video: Power animals...

When I came to understand that my power animal is the Cobra, I was damn proud - that's pretty badass.  As mentioned before, it came to me as an astral skin of the hood of the animal rising above my shoulders - channeling about this, Spirit says "This is your soul".  Looks legit - again, not a Buzzfeed quiz result here, people!

I doodled a little bit the other day, trying to get back into drawing.  Next time I go to the Toronto Comic Jam, I may start a Sister Penance strip and see how the other cartoonists add to it.  Then I will post the results on here.  Still musing over the idea of a Sister Penance comic sometime.


Tuesday, 12 October 2021

"Buddha Belly"...

I just found out that kundalini rising / heightened consciousness can lead to weight gain!  No wonder I have had such a hard time losing weight.

I make a lot of jokes about being a fat, lazy Taurus who loves cheesecake and not moving, but really, I'm not that bad.  I fast every morning, eating only 2 meals a day, I rarely snack and if I do, it's almost always something healthy, I drink alcohol here and there but I have cut out most sugary drinks in favour of monk fruit in my tea and coffee, and usually I consume mineral water with a meal.  Carbs have been reduced, I take long power walks virtually every day... so what gives?  (I was worried about Metabolic Syndrome from having previously popped Invega, that it might have caused iatrogenic harm, but maybe the reason for the extra meat is not that insulting.)

I guess this has to do with energies and how they choose to ground in the system.  I must admit I have seen quite a few gurus with some heft, so maybe it's the caveat of getting somewhere with consciousness.  Oh well.  I guess I just have to double down on exercise, even though it's hard for me because I often feel slightly stoned, and want to lie around and channel.  As I said though, I don't avoid exercise - being an urban gal who lives downtown, I walk almost everywhere when I need something, and I do at quite a clip. That exercise bike in the background of my videos could sure see more use, though.

I keep getting a spirit drawing of a four leaf clover with a cross in it, and it somehow seems relevant to me.  Also, a Canadian maple leaf.

I recently went out of town for Canadian Thanksgiving, and enjoyed good company with the family, at long last - it's been a while.


PS: I just channeled a message from Spirit that I have fallen off the beef bandwagon for too long again, and need to consider red meat at least twice a week for grounding.  I have anxieties about eating beef, not because I don't like the taste, but because I think of cows as such gentle animals that it pains me to eat one.  I don't mind eating chicken or bacon - chickens aren't the brightest, and pigs can be assholes, but cows are just so sweet, so it's something I need to get over.  I have often read that kundalites need red meat for the proteins and prana, and I have mostly just been eating poultry (and a strip of bacon here and there) when I consume meat.  So I guess I will start with two hamburgers a week, pray over the burger, and see where that goes with my overall sense of well being.

Thursday, 7 October 2021

Video: The spiritual significance of music...


As I say at the end of this one, I have tried playing violin, cello, alto saxophone, and piano, but I never got good at any of them!  I am, however, a big music lover, loving a little bit of virtually every genre.  When a song becomes my jam, I call it "my new kirtan", because I have felt spiritually moved by even the silliest of songs, if it catches me just right.  Spirit gave some interesting insights I didn't expect with this video.


Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Video: Christ + Krishna - a winning combination...


I am a devotee of both Lord Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna.  I find that these two gods together are amazing for higher consciousness.  This video goes into insights as to why and how that might be.

There was a slight flub in the middle, but mostly I find this one interesting.


Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Video: Humans and costuming...

I decided to channel (no pun intended) the German parts of my ancestry and dress as an Oktoberfest fraulein for beer and karaoke tonight.  While getting into the dirndl, I opted to do a late night video on why humans are obsessed with costuming.  Some interesting insights resulted.

I think Oktoberfest season is done already, but I'm in the ballpark with timing here!


Video: Human beings...


This was a fun experiment - I simply probed the Spirit on what humans are, if one were to step away and analyze the species, as though coming from a group of aliens.  The results were interesting and somewhat sobering.

Although some of the techniques I am using for soul healing sound lofty, there is an idea in spiritual medicine that suggests that when there is a need, Mother Nature will provide for the spiritual initiate where medicine can be found.  This means, not having other resources to rely on (because of shoddy care in Toronto, and lack of funds, in my case), holy water, consecrated whisky, and ceremonial tobacco might just work for the soul.  The body... well, I am using CBD for that, and hoping that one day western medicine examines certain things a bit more thoroughly, if I continue to have problems.  The good news is I'm feeling better these days, so I might not need to worry... it might have all been because of the remnants of my transformative crisis.  (It would be nice, at least, to officially be recognized as someone having been in a transformative crisis, but again... Toronto.)


Monday, 4 October 2021

Guzzling holy water consecrated to Sekhmet...

I think I just turned another corner in my soul's healing!

I kept spirit drawing waves, but also an ankh, so I got that maybe I should try consuming holy water sacred to Sekhmet, which I also consecrated with tobacco offerings.  (I also did this a little bit with my "sacred cough syrup", Fireball whisky... heheh.)

After a couple of litres of holy water over two days, I felt more sensations of release, and a sense that something irritating had diminished.  During one session of guzzling down a large bottle of it, I felt a rush as my abdomen muscles tensed and I could feel a blissful reaction in my heart centre.  Looks like I needed a hand from the Sacred Feminine as well for soul healing.

Today I am a bit more mellow, and there's some changes in my mental health that are so subtle I don't even know how to describe them right now, but I get the sense massive changes will continue.

My main source for ceremonial tobacco is moving to Mexico, so now I need to find another place to buy it.  I stopped by during their final sale today, and bought one more bag of it.  Tobacco is my #1 go to plant medicine for practice.  I'm sure that if I ask the indigenous connections I know, they will have answers.

I keep spirit drawing symbols associated with the Catholic religion, including a crook, a church, and a mitre.  Also, the name "Richard" came through in spirit writing.  Interesting.


Saturday, 2 October 2021

Video: End Times and prophecy...


As I say in this video, there are many memes out there about the apocalypse, especially since 2020.  What is there to make of prophecy?  Spirit suggests we take content with a grain of salt, while focusing on the tone of the message - but to do this, I at least, would recommend heightened skill with analysis, so as not to overanalyze.  Some take the idea of the Mark of the Beast and the Antichrist way too far!  In short - GET VACCINATED!