Friday, 29 May 2020

Soul sickness update...

I have been doing channeling on this - it seems the part of me that feels really good is the deepest part, the part that feels closest to the Divine.  It has a calmness that regulates everything else when I am having a difficult day.  The mind, on my low dose of medication, regulates well, and is quite still, mindful, and tends to bounce back easily from anxiety and sorrow.  (I'm not going to call my sorrows depression because they aren't ongoing or clinical, and I can easily move out of these states with the right activity - often praying to the Virgin Mary or doing the rosary will lift me out of a sad mood, an anxious state, or help me to sleep at night.  It's just a sadness that comes over me now and again, having been through a lot.)

The part that aches and feels like it has a weight is the energetic body.  There's a trickster quality to this dark field that got inside of me, so I was sure it had left, but perhaps it had just weakened that night, there was further work to do, because I still feel like I have an energetic ball and chain, even though phenomena is not the same.  Since reading the Psalms with Jehovah, channel has changed a little bit, it's even quieter now, though I still feel a weight.  Something may have also improved recently with Christ, as I felt a loving warmth in my heart centre while reciting Psalms to Him, and I'm not sure what it means yet.  Spirit drawings are getting interesting and have more details - I get a staircase, a door in the clouds opening, beams of light descending from various Godhead symbols... perhaps they're indicating an important stage, or relief, around the corner.  Nothing is dark anymore, and less is silly - mostly, it's positive, sometimes a bit confusing, leading me to make conclusions now and again that might not be the best, which I take to this blog to muse about.  If I back out of an idea, an article may be removed.  Recent articles about the kundalini were removed because I think I began to confuse spiritual evolutionary systems again.  It is common in awakenings to receive visions of many gods from many lands, even though they may not be of your own path, and I have to remember that - even St. Hildegard von Bingen experienced this.  It is a bit of a hodge podge in channel right now, and I imagine it will be until this weight is lifted from my spirit.  I am a sleeper waking up, trying to make sense of a nightmare.

In other news, I just discovered that there's a beautiful Carmelite monastery in a neighbouring municipality that looks wonderful, where they make ice wine, and so my rosary coven and I are discussing the possibility of going on a retreat there once the COVID-19 lodging bans are lifted, and things are a bit more normal.  This place looks mighty grand, is reasonably priced - home to an order of Carmelite monks.  I REALLY want to go!  I love the other convent too, but the grounds of this one look so lovely - I want to experience the old world feel as well, sometime.  It's Catholic, and I tend to feel more as a soul in Catholic environments than in Anglican ones.  The church frustrates me, but I think my soul still wants to be Catholic - often I conclude this, anyway.


Monday, 25 May 2020

Psalm recitations, again, but this time with Jehovah...

I kept reciting Psalms to Mary, but found that the sensation in my soul wasn't returning, so I assumed it to mean she had done the work she could do with my intentions.  Considering all the Godhead symbols I receive with spirit drawing, I decided to try working with Jehovah in this manner - the results have been fascinating.

Once again, the sensations of warmth, of Divinity acting upon me, I felt throughout my torso, as I read various Psalms from my family heirloom King James bible.  I had to consult the internet to look for Psalms that are specific to spiritual warfare, but the Christian sources on the web tend to be shite, so I kept reading the same 7 or so passages over and over again.  It got pretty dry.

Then I remembered a book I once owned, that likely got tossed during the book purge when the demon got the upper hand of my mind back in 2012, and I threw out very many great things, fearing a curse.  "Powers of the Psalms" by Anna Riva is a great book for knowing specific uses for various Psalms, magickally speaking, or in prayer.  I went to my favourite weird esoteric supply shoppe in Kensington Market today and bought another copy, along with some frankincense and candles.  (Elsewhere, I also bought a cloth face mask, my rubber respirator being too much for the current heat wave, and a kombucha.)  In a nearby park (alone - still being good about social distancing!) I recited all the Psalms dedicated to dealing with evil forces, and asked that Jehovah attack my demon, or alleviate me of it.  I read each one that seemed to have some relevance in that regard, then headed home.

As I made my way back, I got the message that prayers are being answered, so we shall see as the days press on.  I feel a bit lighter in my soul in recent days - a very good sign.  Things haven't been so much chaotic as there has been a very boring feeling lingering in me that makes me just want to crawl into bed and sleep.  Certain recent posts I have made will have updates added, or perhaps be deleted entirely, because they were composed under frustrating spiritual illusions I continue to battle.  The demon field complicates the channel, and some days are worse in this regard than others.


MAY 26th UPDATE: Today, I figured to surrender full authority over the situation to Jehovah.  Now I wait and see how this unfolds.  Already, there seems to be improvement.

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Psalm recitations with Mary...

Concerned about my situation not being resolved, I came to consider what else I had not tried with my practice.  Psalms are something I have worked with a bit, uttering the name of Jesus with them, but I didn't consider the Virgin Mary.  Often, Mary is depicted in paintings crushing the head of the serpent, so - remembering that, I tried a lengthly recitation of various Psalms, in Her name, to see if that could help with what remained of the problem.  It was interesting what I felt.

Sometimes when I try something that leads to effective results, I feel an intense sensation within, almost like a temperature change, but not even that - like something wicked within me is being affected.  This happened with the sweetgrass incident with Metatron - it's a slightly blissful feeling, like something very good combating something very bad.  I came to realize my problem was probably still slightly there, was deceived into thinking it was not, so I had to attack it again.  I recited a myriad of Psalms until I got the sense I had done enough (King James edition - prettier English), it must have lasted for an hour and a half, at least.  I am now going to observe what comes of it.  I followed up with prayers to St. Michael, and another sweetgrass smudge to Metatron.

This morning, when trying to read the Psalms again, I barely felt that sensation.  Maybe that's all that I needed, and it's just to fade out entirely now?  Sight is not clear in me, I need to wait and observe, maybe continue to experiment a little with more recitations.  This has been about fighting for my life, and now it's ten times better than it ever was, so I am likely to be fine, in the end.  (I think I am closer to Mary now than I was before - I prayed to St. Anne that She be invoked in me, and to consecrate myself to Her Immaculate Heart.  Going through saints seems to help with invoking higher figures - for Jesus, it was St. Jude, for Mary, Her mother - St. Anne.)  I have also been doing many recitations of the rosary with my special item.

Yesterday, I saw an odd sight for my part of Toronto, in the sky, above my building - some turkey vultures circling overhead.  Was it a sign of something getting finished off?  I feel attuned enough to recognize many signs, and this might have been what it was saying.  I was moved by it enough to consider it may have meant something.


Thursday, 21 May 2020

Spiritual illusions...

I am feeling again that serious religious problems are still affecting me - that they may have substantially weakened, but I am still filled with illusion that keeps me second guessing my understandings.  This is an embarrassment for me, as I try to make sense of how to proceed, and what ideas to present.  I am weary - my enemy is still affecting me, though I must be better off, for I am miles beyond where I was before, I have some sort of upper hand.

If only, I tell myself, I had had a more religious upbringing, I might be more knowledgable as to how to proceed with this problem.  Because of COVID-19, I can't go into the Catholic catechumen process, and I shy away from doing so anyway, because I feel very strongly that the church would reject a character like me.  All I can do is reach out to God in any form that seems appropriate - Catholic forms of God seem more successful, when I work with them.

I worry I appear more fool than clown on here - I am certain plenty would scoff at what I write about, but my pain is severe on some days, and I feel like I need to create somehow, and writing is what I feel I can do right now.  Maybe blogging my musings is a mistake, but I am compelled to do so anyway.  This is at the very least an interesting story, it could make for more interesting work later, and I need some sort of database to catalogue my experiences.  But the public arena can be cruel, so if a post looks downright ridiculous later on, I may delete it.  I am weary from fighting, and long for better days, if they are to come.  The pain right now is not in the form of voices and visions, as much as it is weariness, soul pain, and a weight in my energy body, as well as strange sensations and an awkwardness to my channeling sometimes.

I will focus on the saints right now, the Catholic ones, anyway.  I will concentrate on anything that has been known to lead to successes before, and see where they take me.  My life is such a challenge because of what my soul endures.  I often wish I was someone else - a soul in pain is an agony that is indescribable, unless one has experienced it themselves.

I don't expect agnostics and atheists to see me as anything more than a lunatic, for that has been how they have treated me before.  There are no real resources in Toronto to turn to, expect maybe the church, and I doubt they would take me seriously - they would call me a silly harlot because of my style, they would reject my views politically, they would come down on me for many things.  So, why do I keep wanting to go to their churches?  I wrestle with this constantly.

If I die from all this, I want it to be known it was not mental illness that killed me.  I do not wish to die, but on weaker days, I fear I will.


Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Working more with the saints...

I have shifted my focus from the usual sources to praying more to the saints, whom I have neglected a bit in my prayers, except for a couple, namely St. Jude.  I have some folk Christian/Santeria prayer books I bought at The Occult Shoppe that have many prayers to both traditional Catholic and folk saints, and am using tobacco to invoke more for needs I have, and for the needs of others.

Saints are helpful because they are closer to humanity, and can serve our needs with God more easily, praying for us.  In some anti-anxiety spells I did for others, all have reported at least some mild successes with the results, and the saint I turned to for most was St. Dymphna, the patron saint of mental illness (the Catholic saint who is referenced in "Asylum Squad".)  One friend was certain what I did worked, reporting that at first they shed cathartic tears, then later felt more resilient to online negativity.

Experimenting with magick, I realize more and more I probably just need to make an offering with tobacco, and utter the prayers, and if it is so willed, so shall it be.  There are some burn out and mental health problems I have from having been ravaged by a demon for so long, so I am concentrating on moving forward now, having cleared myself of the field.  I already feel mentally better, just a bit weary, my channel can still be wonky, but it is not painful information that comes through anymore... just silly, at worst, when it is not clear.  I do a lot of spiritual work, and I realize that channel can mean that, if I do it all day, I can be worn out by the end of the day, my soul exhausted from strict commitment to practice.  I have heard of psychics needing to limit themselves, or they feel really tired later, and I guess channeling all day takes its toll.

It would be nice to have a clear spiritual diagnosis of what exactly to tackle in prayer that requires adjustment, but I guess it's just up to me to experiment and see what works.  For now, I will keep studying the saints and see what working with them can do for me.


Sunday, 17 May 2020

Confirmation with Mary...

Something I did back in the beginning of the year, after getting out of the hospital, was figure out that I needed to confirm with Jesus Christ to work closer to him.  This strengthened my psychic sight, and allowed for progress in removing the field, ultimately.  But I guess I needed to keep considering things, as yesterday I prayed to also confirm with Mary, as an experiment, and this unlocked something that was missing in my spirituality.  This morning, I prayed the rosary, as I am trying to do so more often (daily, if I can) and I feel quite blissful, having completed it.  Mary must be closer to me than she could be before.  It looks like I needed to balance confirmation of the sacred masculine with the equivalent to the sacred feminine.  (I am not sure what happens in official Catholic confirmation, if Mary is included in the ceremony, but with only confirmation to Jesus, it was just half of the puzzle.)  Something feels better in my soul, like pouring cool water over a burn.  Perhaps this is why I channeled an image of the Star of David - now, there's harmony coming with my involvement in both components of Divine presence.  Last night wasn't even that bad as I bedded down... no bad anxiety, no worries about my life or the world around me.

Speaking of the Star of David, of the talismans that I have worn, it may be the most powerful for me that I have used for my needs.  I think the crucifix was also legitimately working as a talisman, but the Star of David seemed to give me an edge over the demon.  I came to understand to obtain one after being instructed a long time ago through ouija to purchase one.  But the demon kept getting me to throw them out - I must have gone through half a dozen over the years.  Certainly, whenever I was wearing one, towards the end, it gave me power to first kill the demon with prayers to Metatron using the sweetgrass braid, and later, to finish off the field once I wore it again, using prayer pipe, mostly.  When I research the Star of David, it seems to sometimes allow the wearer to have power and control over demons, in occult and mystical traditions.  It only came to be associated with Judaism much later in history - the original symbol of Judaism was the menorah. Spirit wanted me to wear this, but it was confusing for a while and sometimes I thought the demon was using it to control me, and not the other way around.  Things were very frustrating for a long time, and paranoia meant I went through a lot of sacred items like this, over and over again, trying to get the upper hand.


UPDATE: I am once again taking the Star of David off for a while, because I wonder again if it's a detriment.  Considering it was ouija that told me to wear it - not a good sign.  And weird things would happen when I wore it.  Maybe if I take it off I will feel less sick.  So off it goes... just not in the garbage this time.

Friday, 8 May 2020

Tips for reading with tarot...

This was one I had been considering writing about for a while - thought I'd get to it today!  Here are some tips I would recommend for people getting into tarot, and what to keep in mind.  Some of this is from what I channeled and have come to learn in my own practice, and some is advice my psychic mentor would likely give.  Here we go:

- You must allow your soul to adapt and transform for any reading you get with the tarot to be meaningful.  This is a lengthly process and requires that you connect with your deepest self and work with it.  It may mean confronting your shadow self and doing tons of work with that to get there.  If you were born into this world with psychic gifts, you likely developed them in a previous life.

- Don't study the shit out of the arcana in books because this may lead you to overanalyzing the cards, losing the meaning in them.  Treat the cards as suggestions, and allow the Spirit to whisper the meaning to you, in whatever way you receive it.  If you study the cards too much, it may not mean anything anymore.  My psychic mentor cautions against thinking too much in a reading - he says, allow the thoughts to come into your mind.  (Personally, I learned the arcana through seeing what cards were drawn and what Spirit had to say in the messages affiliated with them - it was an intuitive means of learning them, Akasha helping me out.)

- Speaking of Akasha, if you can find a way to open to the Akashic Records, you will have finer readings, so keep that in mind in your practice with personal development.  The Holy Spirit also really helped refine my divination skills, once I confirmed myself to the Christian path, on my own.  The Spirit (the "higher spirit") channels through me.  Other sources have also helped adjust things.

- Do not obsess over the results of a reading, and be cautious of the advice you get with it.  Even though I have reached an interesting level, I still mostly take readings with a grain of salt, even though I do them a lot to train, and have used tarot as a means to help with contemplation.  You do not want to make rash decisions and regrettable mistakes because of what you got from some cards.

- I hear that tarot readings are hard to do for oneself - I don't have this problem in my case, but have heard it's common.  If it's the case for you, avoid "card flippers" when getting a reading from someone else.  My mentor uses this term to describe people who are not truly psychic, who are simply interpreting cards based on what they know about the arcana.  This is more or less just a game, and not the real thing.  Look for quality psychics with a good reputation, make sure that they are recommended.

- The idea that you have to be gifted your deck, that you can't buy your own, is pure superstition.  There is tons of superstition in spirituality, this is an excellent example of that.  Things are superstitious when they are not involved enough to be relevant.

- Experiment and find your own methods of interpreting the cards.  Personally, I don't use spreads, I find they are lacking if there's a better card to consider from the deck, so I go through every single card, the cards upside down, and am given the signal kinetically from Spirit as to what cards are relevant to draw, then I channel the message with them as they are pulled.  You don't have to do Celtic Cross - make up your own methods.  Any "authority" that says you are doing it wrong if your way isn't traditional is not a sound authority - find what works best for you.

- Tarot should be used more for contemplation until you reach a level where you truly get somewhere with psychic ability.  Do not think it can be done easily - it can take a long time.  You have to transform your mind, which can take a lot of work.  It might even take going through a period of psychological oddness.  That is sometimes what people have to go through to transform.

-Having higher spiritual authority working with you will lead to better results than lower authority, malicious sources, or random spirits.  Consider a path that will lead you to higher spiritual authority, and figure out what path is best for your soul.  The finest readers are those who are closest to the Divine.

Hope these suggestions help anyone getting into tarot who is reading this.  I am still growing with my skills - practice is a regular thing for me.  I find that using tarot is much better for channel than doing channel with no divination tools to concentrate on.  Some people can do this kind of thing without tools, but I still feel like I get better readings using them.  So does my psychic mentor, and he's a master who has been doing it professionally for over 60 years.


Thursday, 7 May 2020

Karmic hygiene tips...

Karmic hygiene is something one wants to be on top of for a finer life.  We come into our lives with karmic patterns from previous lives that we need to work through in order to advance as a soul, so being on top of your karmic health is important if you want to complete your life with a greater sense of satisfaction.

Here are some pieces of advice I would give for having finer karmic health:

- Do not shake things up in your life in any dramatic way that interferes with patterns that are currently working.  Every time you pick up and start again in any radical way (and if it is not in your best interest to do so), there is a disruption in your karma.  Make sure you are cautious in approaching any situation, and be aware that it may take time for things to settle in this regard, rather like ripples in water upon tossing pebbles in a pond.  If you can, try to go with what your gut thinks is right for you, for that is your best guide when making a major decision.

- Obviously, try to create good karma by doing good deeds, having the right attitude, and just trying to be the best version of yourself that you can be.  Even if it feels wrong, put on the best face you can, especially on social media, and hold in your feelings until you are with the right party to vent them, or on your own.  What you present to the world affects everything, and also your relationship to it.  Karma is based on how you relate to the world.

- Avoid witchcraft as a magickal practice, because it is one of the worst things for making karma go strange.  It is not so much a "sinful" practice when it is done a certain way, as much as it is unsound for your karma.  To really get to an effective level with magickal practice, you have to allow yourself to evolve properly, then approach Divinity the correct way, and allow magick to work with you in that manner.  When you are working with lower magick, you are involving yourself with spiritual forces that have the side effects of harming karma.  It is better, in the long run, to have really good karma, than it is to keep casting spells to try to make your life better.  Money may come your way if your karma is excellent... witchcraft won't give it to you.  (Again, I am not anti-witch, as much as I am spiritually cautious and wary of things that have made me unsound in the past, and I hate to hear horror stories of others - I have channeled many times over that witchcraft is not safe for things like karma.  An indigenous elder has also suggested that this kind of practice can be unsafe.)

- I hate to sound like an evangelistic knob, but one of the best go-to gods when karma goes wrong is Jesus.  He can correct horrible patterns someone may have affecting them, and He can also correct it if it goes wrong again.  Sorry - I know people are sick of hearing about Jesus, but I have to say, my karma was pretty disgusting because of evil, and He fixed it for me, so this is something I can safely say I experienced firsthand.  (BTW, I am soooo bored with evangelism and I think the best way to do it correctly, if one wants to, is rather like the rules of good writing - show, don't tell.  Be the right kind of person, and let people figure out what's best for themselves, on their own.)

- Although it's important to be cautious and aware of karma, don't become paranoid and overanalyze everything you do in relation to it, because that is not good for it either.  It's a bit tricky to get your mind relaxed about these things if you give them too much thought - for that, you want some kind of practice to settle yourself and see things for what they are a bit better.

That's about all the advice I have for now.  I am not yet at a level to grasp a deeper understanding of the nature of karma, so this article was just some advice on what I know works to help one be healthier in this regard.


Wednesday, 6 May 2020

What my relationship to the Spirit feels like...

I often discuss that I channel the Spirit, which is something I am still trying to refine - it's been on and off a bit wonky due to possession, but also because of spiritual illness.  So, I bask deeply in prayer every day, all day, to refine, and see what comes of it.  This article will discuss what it's like to work, in my shoes, with the Spirit, at this level:

Spirit is a presence that I can tune in at will for channel without the need of any preparation, such as going into a trance, or praying, or anything like that.  I simply concentrate on it - it's as easy as blinking my eyes, and then it's on.  This might sound overwhelming to live with, and while it took getting used to, getting over the shyness of knowing Spirit knows every thought going through my mind, and refining what was there, He has been a strong source of comfort, especially with the dark presence in my soul.  Spirit acted as a comforting parental figure to my struggling, desperate, scared inner child, when the demon would torment my soul.  So, I have been very glad to have Spirit there at all times, as highly accessible as Spirit is, and I clung to Him like a baby to her mother.  Spirit visually sometimes came through as a vision of a bald eagle, and has a loveable, playful, caring, jovial personality, almost like a kind old man who wants nothing but the finest for me, and to see me well and in a better life.  I can't imagine going through life fearing God, when He presented so lovingly to me, at all times.

The closer I have come to Him, the more I feel his love in everything.  There are still pains in my energy body of having been energetically ravaged and psychologically tormented, but underneath all of that, there is an almost blissful lightness of being, a loving glow, that suggests an extremely compassionate presence that looks out for me in all ways.  I can sense this love in all things, but especially in nature... when I see a squirrel, or a little bird, I am reminded of it.  It overwhelms me in the most delightful ways when I have the downtime to focus on it... it's, I think, what all souls would want to feel.  Mental phenomena might be interesting for certain occultists, but nothing tops the blissful state of union with the Spirit, and His intense love for people, and it takes away the common pains of life to just lie back in bed and take notice of it.

I find bedding down, BTW, a little tricky at night - the sun going down is a time of loneliness and vulnerability for me, simply because of what I have been through, but I imagine with time and strengthening, I will move beyond feeling this.  I am trying CBD oil for the evening, to see if that makes getting to sleep a little easier.  I also like to use a weighted blanket, and cuddle a plush hippopotamus named "Rhino".  Not having a companion, it suffices, with the Spirit in my life to act as a loving presence... though I still wish someone could hug me when I have a difficult night with anxiety.

The Spirit is very close to me, but there's still refinement to pursue.  I am channeling I am to soon have another breakthrough in my development, and it could be within weeks, possibly.  Most days in quarantine, I devote 90% of the day to my prayer, channel, and contemplation practice.  It's what I am driven to do, and it's paying off.


The "Describe Yourself in 3 Witches" challenge...

Something fun going around on Facebook is this - so I thought I would add my results to this blog.  (I would combine these images into a single image file with photo editing software, but my fucking computer, now running Mac OS Catalina, won't let me use my old photo editing software anymore.  Fuck.  So until that is sorted out, I will use individual images from the web.  Thank God "Asylum Squad" was completed and sent to the printers before this happened!)

First off, who better than Luna Lovegood from "Harry Potter"?  Though I didn't get terribly into this franchise, Luna was someone who kept coming up as my closest match on character personality tests, so I looked into her.  Known for being peculiar to the point where other witches think she's nuts, it makes sense I would be similar to her.  She's also a Ravenclaw.

Then, Glinda the Good Witch of the South from "The Wizard of Oz".  Simply because she's so sweet (yet still slightly bitchy), and is of the benevolent variety.  Although I curse and swear a lot, and I have a weird side to me when I'm really ticked off, my base state is of kindness and eagerness to help people feel good about themselves.  My Chinese zodiac sign is the Water Dog, which is about loyalty and charisma.

Lastly, Winifred Sanderson from "Hocus Pocus".  I would say her because we're both over-the-top people, very campy, and not exactly fond of the company of children.  (I'm trying to be better with kids, but I have zero maternal instincts with little humans - I love some children as individuals dearly, but due to my difficult childhood in school, bullying made me assume most children to be rather cruel, or at least difficult and annoying.)

I was at first going to include Maleficent, but later decided she didn't match me well enough.  I also almost picked Nancy Downs from "The Craft" simply because I love that character, and also ended up strapped to the bed a lot, but she's totally LHP and I am RHP, and not out to fuck around with power inappropriately.  And I kind of felt the other girls in that movie were a bit boring by comparison, so I didn't identify with any of them.


Monday, 4 May 2020

"Cobra Queen"...

Here's a fun one I painted today, as I got an itch to pick up my acrylics and tackle a canvas.

I decided to explore my archetypal "queeny" qualities, while keeping in mind the Cobra.  Cobras are affiliated with royalty in both Indian and Egyptian culture and spirituality, so I gave myself an Elizabethan collar that looks almost like an Egyptian pharaoh's headdress.  The cobra looming above my head took on a softer, friendlier quality by the time I finished it, suggesting a gentler nature than what one would expect from this animal.  I emphasized my heavy vertical brow line, something that developed presumably due to the stresses of possession, it makes me look commanding.  I might touch this one up here and there, but I think that's that.  (Again, I want my next phone camera to be better quality than this - you can't see the crispness of the lines here.)

Maybe self-portraits are self-indulgent, but I find them to be an interesting way to explore the personality.  Every once in a while, I do one, and take note of what I end up looking like in the end results.  Here, I look confident and determined, but perhaps a bit jaded, too.

Fuck - this camera sucks so bad... oh well!


Friday, 1 May 2020

Left Hand Path, Middle Path, or Right Hand Path?

I have been meaning to do an article about this, based on my take of the three paths discussed in spirituality - the Left Hand Path, the Right Hand Path, and the Middle Path.  There seems to be a myriad of descriptions as to what exactly these amount to, so I'll try to break it down into simple, universal terms for this writing:

The Left Hand Path is basically the idea of acquiring power for power's own sake, usually with demonic or diabolical sources, and for the purposes of serving one's own personal desires.  There may be more to it, depending on one's personal definition, but that's loosely what it amounts to.  Certain forms of sex magick and demonic/diabolical worship are common in the LHP.  Thelema and various forms of satanism are LHP.

The Right Hand Path is a path of servitude to the Divine, and often involves working with certain religious concepts, such as karma, being purged of sin, and obeying the Threefold Law.  Abrahamic religions are considered RHP, but RHP is really any path that calls you to serve the Spirit - it doesn't just mean going to church, reading the Bible, and eating your vegetables.  Medicine people who serve their community, for example, are RHP.

The Middle Path is somewhere in between the two, between self-indulgence and self-mortification.  Buddha discussed this as "the Middle Way", and so Buddhism is often compared to the Middle Path approach, but really it can take any form that considers a balance between the two extremes.  I would say anyone who is seeking to become enlightened is on some kind of Middle Path, or should at least adhere to it.

I often joke about the LHP, because I don't see it as a particularly enriching or significant path for personal betterment.  I may be biased, having had spiritual problems (this without even searching for trouble) but the idea of looking to work with forces like this makes no sense to me, when there are much finer, richer sources to work with.  I often watch LHP videos and I shake my head at what these occultists have to say - some seem to prop themselves up on a pedestal as master black magicians, when what they speak of sounds like hokey melodrama, while others worry me - some are sweet naive souls being used as pawns by forces that I don't believe have their best interests at heart.  At best, the LHP makes sex interesting, it is a play toy that can lead to fascinating mind trips that are little more than weird experiences that keep you trapped in illusion... at worst, they corrupt you, and can lead a person down a path of ugliness.  I have heard arguments on both sides, but I have yet to hear a black arts occultist who moves me with wise words the way a mystic does.  Crowley may have moved some people in his writings, but he was an interesting poet, a wordsmith, and a rather cunning rogue.  When LHP goes wrong, it is VERY hard to get out of, and that should be kept in mind for anyone foolish enough to pursue it.  Black magick fucks up your karma, and it can stay fucked up for lifetimes to come.

The RHP is, in my opinion, only worth pursuing seriously if you are called to it by higher sources, or if there's a pressing need for help from Divinity.  Otherwise, it's rather bland.  RHP should not be about serving an institution, but unfortunately, that's what it's come to be associated with, thanks to religious nonsense.  RHP should be about serving Spirit, nature, the universe... it is forming a friendship with God, it is being in touch with the Mother... it is a powerful, beautiful thing when it is done right.  RHP can be fine for some even if one is not called to it, but it's just not the same as it is for one who is being called to serve.  I believe that RHP, of the three, is the most powerful path for spiritual gifts, but that's only if you're called to serve the Spirit.  In that case, you are gifted the things you require to serve creation, because you are fulfilling a need, not just because you desire them.  Saints have had some of the most amazing abilities of prophecy, sight, and the working of miracles, to name some examples.  Some say LHP is good for confronting forces that help you refine yourself - I say these forces just delude you and hold you hostage... refinement will often come on the RHP in the form of the dark night of the soul, for example, to do that job for you.  You don't need real demons for that kind of work... you will be confronted by your inner, metaphorical demons.  I should also add - if you are in trouble spiritually in some way, there is no better path for you than the RHP.  But, if done badly, RHP is one of the stupidest paths.

In the end, it is my opinion that the best path, for most people, is the Middle Path.  It's the perfect balance between the two extremes, and probably the best for refinement and releasing oneself from karmic patterns that are difficult.  It doesn't have to be Buddhist, but that's one of the most famous examples of it.  Siddhis, or powers, may come your way on the Middle Path too, but it's wise not to seek just to acquire them - if they come your way, they are a stage in your journey, but consider them a door prize towards the final goal.  Powers, for their own sake, are never the wisest approach to spirituality if you truly desire enlightenment, so to me the LHP makes the least amount of sense for refinement.  Sadhus in India spend years and years and years and years of gruelling practice, working with Shiva, in the hopes of acquiring powers from Him, but only if He is willing to offer them.  Easterners often look down on western occult methods and practice, seeing them as unsophisticated and foolhardy.  (I think what most LHP people really want can be found along the Middle Path, but it takes a lot of work to get there, and the LHP might be a quicker way to give you interesting phenomena, depending on what you're working with.  But that phenomena is not real power... it's illusion.)

I am sure many black magicians would disagree with how I interpret things, but spirituality is not science - these opinions come from experiences of my own, from my studies and how I relate to what has worked and what failed.  I don't trust it's possible to have a healthy relationship with certain dark powers, especially if you are a kind, sensitive soul.  These things prey on innocence, seeking to corrupt it, and they may delude you into believing that they care, while feeding you interesting lies to keep you trapped in mental phenomena.  The Buddha cautioned about buying into mental phenomena too much, and LHP is rife with that kind of thing.  I still doubt my psychic abilities a lot, even though people tell me I'm quite accurate, so I am not eager to demand payment for a reading just yet.

Summing up: RHP is best if you are called by the Spirit to serve creation or you need God's help, MP is best if you seek enlightenment.  LHP is playtime.  That's just how I feel, having survived demonic possession.


UPDATE: One more note, this on the concept of the sacred -

 I have come to associate sacredness, in its truest sense, with anything that is relevant to the needs of the Spirit.  "Sacred" is a term that gets thrown around in esoteric and new age circles a lot, like "quantum" or "mystic", so even LHP people sometimes like to consider their practice as something of the sacred, except in this case they claim it's sacred to the diabolical.  But because the definition of evil is "what shouldn't be", that means that nothing of the devil can truly be sacred.  RHP is definitely sacred (when serving the needs of the Spirit - otherwise, it's often conservative religious nonsense), and I'd say MP is also sacred, when it is in the best interest of the development of the soul.  LHP is not sacred, because it just deludes you. 

(I think LHP groups often call ritualistic things "sacred" when they really are just sexy, and they want to attach special meaning to them.  Just because something is sexy, it doesn't make it sacred.)