Monday, 19 April 2021

Video: Glossolalia...


Here's one I just did on talking in tongues.  (Some of these screen captures of the videos are truly tragic looking, aren't they?!)



Sunday, 18 April 2021

Video: Developing psychic abilities...


Another one today... sorry about how dark it is!  I wanted to do this the other day, but was not "on" as a psychic channel until today.  The lighting could be better, it's later in the day - sorry!  (If these become a more regular thing, I might concentrate more on their cinematic quality.  Right now, it's just for fun with a dated computer camera.  Content over quality, because I have zero training in cinematography.  Oh, to be represented by someone who knows what they are doing.

I hope this information is helpful!  Sometimes when I channel I am trying to feel what Spirit is expressing, and there can be a pause or hesitation.  Sometimes I need to call "another word" if the word I am trying to channel isn't coming through, and it will give me an alternative one to sum up what is trying to be said.  That didn't happen in this video, but it does from time to time in readings.


Thursday, 15 April 2021

Video: Demonic possession...


New video - some insights about what demonic possession scenarios might be telling the person, and also... some colour in my wardrobe today!

This isn't instruction on how to perform an exorcism - rather, it's something to keep in mind if this were to happen to you, something hopeful about what it might all mean.  (I have never performed an exorcism and am not claiming to be qualified, but I have assisted a bit with magick to help others in spiritual distress from dark forces, and have heard reports that they've felt at least some relief.  I did, however, relieve myself of dark forces by calling upon seraphic forces to destroy them.)



Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Video: Kundalini awakening...


A short, simple video on a subject I have discussed in my blog writings, on and off.  Channeled, as usual - these are some basics to consider if you successfully arouse the serpent.


Saturday, 10 April 2021

Recent update...

The more that I think of it, the more I realize that what I could compare this blog to is Dr. Carl G Jung's "The Red Book", in a sense.  It's not exactly the same thing, but it's a kind of self exploratory project I designed to help me through the process of recovering from the remnants of spiritual emergency.  Jung himself once suggested that his patients, going through such transformations, should create their own equivalent of "The Red Book", so I guess "The Wayward Nun" is almost like that.  I know some articles are bound to miss the mark, but they're musings, not teachings.  It's ok to not get my ideas right, as I shape my new mind along the way.

Many things have helped since I started this.  I am still kicking myself a little for deleting some very interesting older articles about fighting and destroying the diabolical presence with help from Metatron and other seraphim, but when I go to write a memoir, which is my plan for sometime down the road, I will be able to reconstruct things again with new writings.  The beauty of what I do psychically with channel and the tarot arcana is that I can dig through the archives of the personal unconscious to draw forward certain details that may have been forgotten about. 

As you can see, I have been uploading YouTube videos from channeled insights on various questions I have posed to the Spirit.  I keep drawing a card from one of my oracle decks that says "Epiphany" on it, suggesting one is coming quite soon.  Some recent prayers to Mary might have helped things along again, for I felt some interesting sensations in Ajna, as though a veil is being lifted.  Sometimes I have mighty changes as things improve, but mostly my state is coming along gradually on its own.  It's good, I feel, to bask in daily prayer and devotional work, something I have called a form of "bhakti" in the past, or the equivalent of that.  It's like stirring a pot, moving things forward, where I can.

I might buy a ouija board, but not for what you're thinking - gods no, I will never use one again for spirit communication!  Rather, I could use the board as a chart of the alphabet and the numbers for when I do psychic work, ignoring use of the planchette.  Sometimes my eye is directed to a letter when I am channeling about a person, to give the first letter of a first name... numbers sometimes come up to name dates.  At home, I have been gazing at an old DVD box for letters, but a ouija board would be a fun, kitschy thing to use for the job.  I don't see boards as intrinsically harmful unless using one unprotected while something nasty is lurking... they are just an object, no spiritual power to them.  I also see tarot as just cards... the magick comes from the person, and how they use them.  There is so much superstition out there... I probably am still superstitious in some things I do and think, but the further along I go, I find the less of that I encounter in myself.

I was thrilled to discover my income tax results meant I only owe peanuts to the government after 2020.  I was worried I would owe a lot - turns out I owe less than $40!  So I cleaned up financially, putting extra earnings away in my TFSA.  2020 was a year to live low and appreciate the smaller things.  It taught me well about patience and living small, for simple pleasures.

I hope to have some more videos up soon, once I come up with other things to query Spirit about!


Thursday, 8 April 2021

Video: Thoughts on spiritual emergency...


A subject near and dear to my heart: spiritual emergency, frequently written off as mental illness without deeper consideration (though it can sometimes generate states that mirror mental illness), is an opportunity for growth that we as westerners frequently find hard to navigate, should it happen to us.  This is just a general rundown over some points to consider when going through it - nothing terribly deep here, not my most interesting channeled video, but I still agree with everything that came out.


Video: Tips for approaching communication with sprits...


Here's a short one - advice Spirit would give to people who want to consider communicating with the spirit world.  This isn't about stuff like buying the right crystals - this is about therapeutic preparation and the correct approach.  (Sorry about the mess in the background!)



PS: If you want to subscribe to my new YouTube channel, here is the link:

Teresa Powers

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Video: Coping with hard times in a troubled world...


Filmed today - I thought this was topical, considering recent lockdown measures in effect in my region.  I will probably do a series where I channel the Spirit, asking about specific subject matter.  (I pulled an extra card at the end but then received that the channeling had ended - LOL)

I know these aren't much technically, but they're about content over style, really.  I don't know enough about video editing, and currently don't have the best software to blow anyone's minds.  Hope you enjoy it regardless!


PS: Riveting news - I recently went by the mental hospital I was incarcerated in for a year, and Unit 2 is being torn down, at long last!  Fuck that unit - it was terrible.  I hope the new buildings are better maintained than the old ones were.  We would often see mice, cleaning staff were lax to pick up after messes were made, and there was just so much sadness permeating everything.  It was bland, postmodern hell.

Monday, 5 April 2021

New video!

No "nunsense" this time - just Teresa Powers delivering the goods, in my normal gothy attire.  This one is some general advice from the Spirit for the sincere seeker.  (I felt slightly more confident in front of the camera this time.  No edits - and sorry about the computer chime towards the end!)

I am starting a YouTube channel that is not public just yet, where I will upload these videos.  I might make it more accessible with time, once I get the hang of things.  (I had to upload this to YouTube because it exceeds the maximum data limit for Blogger as an upload.)



Sunday, 4 April 2021

Happy Easter 2021!

Just a silly video friends and I made before the third lockdown measures, wishing everyone a happy and safe Easter 2021.  We were bingeing on "Kids In The Hall" episodes and saw the one with the escape artist and it went from there.  I hope your Easter is going well, even though it's not the most interesting year... yet again.

I gazed into my crystal ball the other day, observing a vision of the mind's eye, with clouds lifting about it.  This suggests that cloudiness in my psychic sight is lifting, and my readings are going to improve.  I also observed myself reclining with a wheat husk coming out of my mouth, turning on a television and watching things unfold.  This I think means it's time to kick back and relax, and see the results of prayer work.  The images play out like amusing cartoons, just like my active imagination imagery, except perhaps there's true meaning to it in the psychic sense now.  I'm sure if I wasn't on Latuda they would be a little louder in quality... which would help when I tune in, but at least I can still see what they're saying, and I still expect to be off this medication in time.  That they can be observed at all while on antipsychotics suggests they are a result of naturally occurring DMT in the brain, not a dopamine imbalance.  Psychiatric naysayers can suck it.

I have a feeling business with psychic readings will be slow for a while, but I am at peace with that, now trying to get crystal ball down, and refining myself out of the remnants of initiation.  I have reached a certain level of mastery, but I still seek to refine even from that.  Another spell worked for a friend from what I hear, BTW.  Good to know my technique is effective!

I am wondering if I should try quitting alcohol entirely again.  I went straight edge for a couple of years a while back... now I am finding that even two light beers can lead to terrible headaches and a feeling of overall uneasiness.  It's like I don't even get drunk anymore if I were to consume enough... I just go to sleep or feel like shit even before the next day.  My soul must be urging me to stop, just as it has with other substances in other ways.  Oddly enough, smoking CBD goes down easy, I don't even cough.  Probably because it is being used as medicine, not recreationally.  Kundalini wants me to be healthy, even if it means ruining the party.  T_T