Sunday, 16 May 2021

Video: Magickal use of alcohol...


The tone of this one turned out kind of funny to me, almost like I could be a character from a Christopher Guest movie, but anyway - I decided on this subject matter because it's been something I have experimented with a bit as of late, with interesting results.

I will likely do another update on alcohol as a spiritual medicine, but I want to perhaps see some changes through a bit more before considering that.  There have been some lovely feelings of release, especially in my chest area, and I don't feel quite as strained by nightfall.  What's interesting is that normally if I drink for pleasure, I get a headache in no time, but when I use it this way, the headaches are avoided completely.  I suppose if there's a benefit, the body won't react as badly to it.


Friday, 14 May 2021

Magick and alcohol...

I had written about working with blessed alcohol before, but I want to revisit it at this point, with an interesting update.  I have spent the last 3 days experimenting with alcohol and its magickal properties, when worked with as a spiritual medicine.  I've done so with both red wine and also with whisky.  Here is more on that:

Sometimes I get the sense that the presence of Jesus is around me, not like a wandering soul (He is omnipresent, of course), but almost like there's an attention that may not always be there.  Recently, while sipping on wine I had blessed with tobacco, I prayed to Him for assistance in any healing I require (I had the sense His presence was there), and began to feel powerful, soothing highs with each sip.  (I had not consumed enough to be drunk - this was only on my first goblet of the day.  It felt deeper than mere alcoholic highs... it was like something releasing in me.)  I decided to keep investigating.

I had been blessing my wine with a Catholic prayer ritual involving holy water, but switched to simply praying with tobacco offerings to Jesus that He bless my alcohol with sacred properties.  It seems offering tobacco to fire, at least in my case, is the superior blessing method, because where I might have tried something like this before with wine that was blessed the other way, this tobacco blessed wine is inducing more powerful results. 

In the park yesterday, I brought a container with some red wine in it and my chalice, to enjoy this little ritual out in nature.  I called Jesus in and proceeded to consume the wine.  Midway, I channeled a message that this would be even more powerful if I used whisky, so on the way home, I stopped by the LCBO and picked up some Fireball (I'm such a girl - I don't like regular straight whisky, but love this liqueur variant - it's 33% and I got that it would suffice).  I also got the message to call upon St. Anthony for blessings, and also blessed everything I had under the famous Franciscan of missing objects.

I returned home, blessed my purchase with tobacco, and later experimented with the whisky when I got the sense of the presence of Jesus again.  (It's a more powerful reaction when I sense that He is more present than without Him paying me this attention.)  Today I have consumed more whisky this way, and have channeled I may not need any more of this to feel the healing benefits it can give me.  We shall see, but it's comparable to pouring cool water over a burn in how it soothes me as a soul.

I chatted things up with my rosary coven and want to invite others in it to consider Jesus wine magick for spiritual awakening and healing, should they desire it.  Kind of like taking communion, I guess, but sexier, with more wine.


Saturday, 8 May 2021

Yogi Shunyamurti...


I just discovered this yogi and am really fascinated by his YouTube videos.  A lot of what he teaches resonates with me, I have shared him with others.  Much of what he says validates a lot of what my channel implies, but more eloquently, of course.  He is worth watching.  (So many of these gurus pepper their discussion with what amounts to religious superstition, but Shunyamurti often speaks pure wisdom.)

I don't know much about his foundation - whatever it's about, he's certainly worth listening to on here.  I even got some good ideas for prayer work just listening to a couple of these.  (I am envious of seekers who are not only wise, but learned.  I have achieved a degree of wisdom from refining myself, but am no scholar, having only studied certain things here and there.  I am improving on my perception as I go.  Much of the time my mind has been in too much pain to retain a lot of information, so that's one reason I am not heavy on study, and tend to only do so if I am drawn to something.)


Friday, 7 May 2021

Video: Magickal items...


As suggested by the last video, here's one about working with magickal items.  Not very long, just some things to consider.  (I have learned through my own experimentation that most items I work with are purely for psychological headspace - very few are legit talismans.  But that's ok - it helps for concentration.)

I have a new keyboard now - the Anglican Druid took pity on my suffering and got me a new one.  Also, I got vaccinated!  (Team Pƒizer!)  I was a bit sore and slightly fatigued but bounced back quickly, and am glad that at least half of it is over... one more shot to go, in time.  Thankfully, my building was offering it to us, so I got it done right here.  I have a tough constitution and rarely get sick so I have a feeling if I got COVID-19, I would beat it, but I want to be vaccinated anyway.  I may be into a lot of crazy spiritual shit but I am NOT anti-vaxx/anti-mask, or into whack ass conspiracy theories.  lol


Monday, 3 May 2021

Video: Cultivating siddhis...


I talked about this briefly before - here's a channeled video on what to know about siddhis, cultivating them correctly, and respecting them.  (Sometimes I am slightly awkward, but I am still a bit camera shy, and trying to get the language out can take a little bit, since it's like my channel may be searching for the right description as it reads the Spirit.)