Wednesday, 5 December 2018


Now that pot has been legalized in Canada, and now that my demon's energy field seems to be waning, I am beginning to consider that I may one day again be able to consume this wonderful plant.  I am even beginning to channel that this will indeed be a possibility.

Cannabis has a very peculiar reaction in my brain, where I go into these amazing visionary states, rather like ayahuasca trips, only that my unconscious is such a ludicrous place that I get visions of mostly cartoony stuff that is wild and over the top.  I have described some of this prior, as "active imagination", and marijuana only makes it all the more lush.  If I pop on a pair of headphones while this is happening, whatever I am witnessing visually dances in sync with the music, as though a music video is being created on the spot, and I am mesmerized.  All of it is drenched in hilarity and the fact that pot turns people into laughing idiots anyway adds to that effect.  There are cuts and edits like in a film, transitions, sometimes even credits roll or something... I have even had visions all pixelated like from a 16 bit video game.  I really do hope I can safely explore this again, because it was so amazing and pot is pretty affordable and easy to obtain - all of Toronto basically smells like a skunk's hindquarters because of the new laws in effect.

Now that I am reading the Akashic Records, I bet it will be even more amazing - before, it was just my personal unconscious, from what I gathered.  I will definitely be generating art based on any trips I take if and when I start smoking grass again, and post these works to my blog.  (I also got something that called itself "The Poetry Task Force", which was crazy disjointed poetry that had little to no meaning but rhymed beautifully and had excellent rhythm - often it would sync over the beat of any music I was listening to... so let's say I was playing some silly 90s eurodance number, like "Rhythm of the Night" by Corona, I would hear added lyrics over the beat of the song, often poetry, while I ignored the main lyrics with my conscious.)

I am slightly worried this could become an addiction, because of how incredible smoking pot is for me... I certainly don't want to become one of those potheads who smokes so much grass that they begin to look like the plant itself.  You know the type... white person with dreads or green hair, green army khakis, pot leaf bandanna, yellowing complexion.  These types smoke so much their farts probably get surrounding people high... they want to become the plant.  No, I don't want that to be me, after MY journey.  <_<

At least now it's legal, though.  Psilocybin is probably a real trip for me now too.  I'll consider eating mushrooms sometime, maybe.  Better start downloading some Israeli psytrance or something for the psychological journeys I might soon be taking!


PS: To anyone agitated by my lack of recent Asylum Squad comic updates, sorry about the delay... mild block in my drive to create.  A new page is being finished right now, and I may even have it up by tomorrow.  Just the backgrounds need adding, then it's off to the copy centre for a reduced size page, and then scanned, toned, and posted.  Hope that eases any frustration!

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