Friday, 30 April 2021

Video: The ethics of cursing someone with magick...


Having just been sexually assaulted recently, and having decided to throw a curse his way as a result, it popped into my mind that I should do a video on what to consider ethically if one attempts to curse someone.  (I had already surrendered my spirituality to Higher Divinity, establishing that anything I put out not work if it is unjust.  I did that with Jesus as one of my gods.  I will still turn to cursing as self defence, but only when there's a reason it should work, if it is successful.  The man the other day was a deviant who is probably dangerous to women, I sensed I got permission because of the risk he likely poses.)

I wasn't injured badly, I was publicly humiliated and outraged by being spanked on the ass in broad daylight.  I am already over it, but I felt like I at least had to ask permission from Sekhmet and burn a poppet because of this sick pervert.  >:(


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