Sunday, 4 April 2021

Happy Easter 2021!

Just a silly video friends and I made before the third lockdown measures, wishing everyone a happy and safe Easter 2021.  We were bingeing on "Kids In The Hall" episodes and saw the one with the escape artist and it went from there.  I hope your Easter is going well, even though it's not the most interesting year... yet again.

I gazed into my crystal ball the other day, observing a vision of the mind's eye, with clouds lifting about it.  This suggests that cloudiness in my psychic sight is lifting, and my readings are going to improve.  I also observed myself reclining with a wheat husk coming out of my mouth, turning on a television and watching things unfold.  This I think means it's time to kick back and relax, and see the results of prayer work.  The images play out like amusing cartoons, just like my active imagination imagery, except perhaps there's true meaning to it in the psychic sense now.  I'm sure if I wasn't on Latuda they would be a little louder in quality... which would help when I tune in, but at least I can still see what they're saying, and I still expect to be off this medication in time.  That they can be observed at all while on antipsychotics suggests they are a result of naturally occurring DMT in the brain, not a dopamine imbalance.  Psychiatric naysayers can suck it.

I have a feeling business with psychic readings will be slow for a while, but I am at peace with that, now trying to get crystal ball down, and refining myself out of the remnants of initiation.  I have reached a certain level of mastery, but I still seek to refine even from that.  Another spell worked for a friend from what I hear, BTW.  Good to know my technique is effective!

I am wondering if I should try quitting alcohol entirely again.  I went straight edge for a couple of years a while back... now I am finding that even two light beers can lead to terrible headaches and a feeling of overall uneasiness.  It's like I don't even get drunk anymore if I were to consume enough... I just go to sleep or feel like shit even before the next day.  My soul must be urging me to stop, just as it has with other substances in other ways.  Oddly enough, smoking CBD goes down easy, I don't even cough.  Probably because it is being used as medicine, not recreationally.  Kundalini wants me to be healthy, even if it means ruining the party.  T_T


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