Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Video: Coping with hard times in a troubled world...


Filmed today - I thought this was topical, considering recent lockdown measures in effect in my region.  I will probably do a series where I channel the Spirit, asking about specific subject matter.  (I pulled an extra card at the end but then received that the channeling had ended - LOL)

I know these aren't much technically, but they're about content over style, really.  I don't know enough about video editing, and currently don't have the best software to blow anyone's minds.  Hope you enjoy it regardless!


PS: Riveting news - I recently went by the mental hospital I was incarcerated in for a year, and Unit 2 is being torn down, at long last!  Fuck that unit - it was terrible.  I hope the new buildings are better maintained than the old ones were.  We would often see mice, cleaning staff were lax to pick up after messes were made, and there was just so much sadness permeating everything.  It was bland, postmodern hell.

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