Saturday, 10 April 2021

Recent update...

The more that I think of it, the more I realize that what I could compare this blog to is Dr. Carl G Jung's "The Red Book", in a sense.  It's not exactly the same thing, but it's a kind of self exploratory project I designed to help me through the process of recovering from the remnants of spiritual emergency.  Jung himself once suggested that his patients, going through such transformations, should create their own equivalent of "The Red Book", so I guess "The Wayward Nun" is almost like that.  I know some articles are bound to miss the mark, but they're musings, not teachings.  It's ok to not get my ideas right, as I shape my new mind along the way.

Many things have helped since I started this.  I am still kicking myself a little for deleting some very interesting older articles about fighting and destroying the diabolical presence with help from Metatron and other seraphim, but when I go to write a memoir, which is my plan for sometime down the road, I will be able to reconstruct things again with new writings.  The beauty of what I do psychically with channel and the tarot arcana is that I can dig through the archives of the personal unconscious to draw forward certain details that may have been forgotten about. 

As you can see, I have been uploading YouTube videos from channeled insights on various questions I have posed to the Spirit.  I keep drawing a card from one of my oracle decks that says "Epiphany" on it, suggesting one is coming quite soon.  Some recent prayers to Mary might have helped things along again, for I felt some interesting sensations in Ajna, as though a veil is being lifted.  Sometimes I have mighty changes as things improve, but mostly my state is coming along gradually on its own.  It's good, I feel, to bask in daily prayer and devotional work, something I have called a form of "bhakti" in the past, or the equivalent of that.  It's like stirring a pot, moving things forward, where I can.

I might buy a ouija board, but not for what you're thinking - gods no, I will never use one again for spirit communication!  Rather, I could use the board as a chart of the alphabet and the numbers for when I do psychic work, ignoring use of the planchette.  Sometimes my eye is directed to a letter when I am channeling about a person, to give the first letter of a first name... numbers sometimes come up to name dates.  At home, I have been gazing at an old DVD box for letters, but a ouija board would be a fun, kitschy thing to use for the job.  I don't see boards as intrinsically harmful unless using one unprotected while something nasty is lurking... they are just an object, no spiritual power to them.  I also see tarot as just cards... the magick comes from the person, and how they use them.  There is so much superstition out there... I probably am still superstitious in some things I do and think, but the further along I go, I find the less of that I encounter in myself.

I was thrilled to discover my income tax results meant I only owe peanuts to the government after 2020.  I was worried I would owe a lot - turns out I owe less than $40!  So I cleaned up financially, putting extra earnings away in my TFSA.  2020 was a year to live low and appreciate the smaller things.  It taught me well about patience and living small, for simple pleasures.

I hope to have some more videos up soon, once I come up with other things to query Spirit about!


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