Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Video: Cultivating magickal power...


This is not one about using magick techniques - this is more about considerations in one's approach when attempting to cultivate magickal power.  Probably, if it was well channeled, decent general considerations for many.  (Another darker looking video because it's a gloomy day - I'm trying to get Lord Krishna on it!)  xD

My computer is really slowing down, and I need to get a new one.  Probably, I will get a new (separate, not built in) computer camera along with it, a better quality one, so these videos will improve when I have the tech for that.

I might have gotten just a little further with both healing and expanded consciousness recently, and will have to see the results of that.  Lower chakras might have been ill because of possession.  I felt a mighty rush in my Anahata after much prayer work, which made me anxious, then more relaxed.  Channel has been on and off while the shifts happen.  

Tomorrow is my birthday - #39!  I'm no spring chicken anymore!


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