Monday, 23 January 2023

Video: Wisdom from "The Red Book"...


Niiice - "The Red Book" is fascinating to do this with!  I think it suggests that Dr. Jung was a true prophet of modern psychology, though because he was a western psychiatrist it certainly would have alienated him from people like Dr. Freud.  (I won't mention what book it was but I used a text often considered sacred with this bibliomancy technique and the Holy Spirit told me it was bogus scripture and thus impossible to get much out of - wow!)

I tried prayers to Shango with a cigar to help with my spiritual situation, and felt an interesting reaction in my subtle body.  It was intense but felt nice, like a release, so I will have to observe and see where this goes.

Something else I feel like I am sensing is an almost visionary experience that seems to want to come through of the Virgin Mary, almost like an apparition, but is not something I can actually see yet, other than as a suggestion of something forming.  The message isn't clear, but right now I am holding onto the idea that I am getting somewhere with ascension and there may be a message from Mary to me.  Mysticism is a trip!

Apart from some anxiety attacks, I think I am grounding from my recent pain, and am glad I took a bit of time off work, although it makes money kind of tight again.  :/


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