Sunday, 8 January 2023

Video: Oppressed witches...


Yes, I am an oppressed witch.  Along with my trials in psychiatry as an abused inpatient, I was slandered and the party got away with it, because no one trusted me at the time.  (I don't feel like legally fighting it just yet because I know better than to fuck with the middle class while on ODSP.)  There's more, but let's leave it at that ... bad shit happened, I dealt with it, still recovering.

Because I got several downloads about how the need for something to work helps with results in magick, I thought to channel about oppressed witches, who might be all the more effective in occult if they rely so heavily on it in community that they live it all the time.  This video briefly discusses Santeria as an example of the oppressed working with power, the Orisha being a new source I have worked with in my experiments.

Oh, and yes - that's another new Catholic goth collar!  A friend gave me a sack of rosary crosses and medals to make more jewelry with, so I bought the collar from Spencer's and attached some crosses.

I think the Collective Unconscious might be open and I have to shut it down to get nasty shit out there to stay away from me, so that's my next intention with several sources, including the Orisha.


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