Friday, 6 January 2023

Time to call out some bad psychiatrists, by NAME...

Well, I did my #metoo post a while back about the dead rapist... time to roast some crappy psychiatrists in Toronto!

(NOTE: I have seen others that were awful as well, but these quacks were so bad I needed to critique them.  This is not a city of moral conscience, nor of awesome minds or impressive hearts, and let's face it - most doctors are no Gabor Mate.  Here is what I have to say about a handful of them):

Dr. Agid of CAMH - this was the most oppressive doctor I have ever had, he was my shrink while I was on a CTO during the early days of my spiritual emergency.  An atheist who didn't seem to believe in spiritual emergency, he told bold faced scare tactic style lies about brain damage if you come off meds (come off meds at all, BTW... not coming off meds hastily, which might be true in some cases).  This man seems to have a lot of power in the schizophrenia department and he absolutely refused to listen to a thing I had to say about myself.  Arrogant, patronizing, manipulative, and sure as hell controlling, I truly felt like I lived in a dystopian nightmare under him.  He might very well have been the root of all false interpretations of my psychology, not counting the bullshit from my teenage years.  Just go be a dentist if you want to hurt people, Dr. Agid.  (I suspect he has a fetish for playing psychiatrist.)

Second worse was Dr. Gupta, also of CAMH, my inpatient psychiatrist who talked down to me constantly in sessions, seemed to think I had a chip on my shoulder (I didn't), and was basically there to brainwash me into abandoning my understanding of what was wrong, that being spiritual emergency.  And it worked for a while, because I left CAMH after a year, wanting to commit suicide.  Dr. Gupta gave me the impression that she found me "non-compliant" simply because I disagreed with her interpretation of me.  Her nonsense kept me on a wild goose chase with myself for years where I had abandoned faith in my original understanding of what was wrong, leaving me sick longer, as I sat around wondering how I was eventually going to kill myself.  She also seemed to think that it was inappropriate that I defended myself by yelling at a ward pervert who touched me.  Yet another outrageous lunatic running the asylum - CAMH has plenty of those.

Dr. Gupta might not even have been as bad as our next contestant because although he was only involved with me briefly, he was extremely terrible.  This was Dr. Robertson of the St. Michael's Hospital psychiatric department, who might have let me die because he and other doctors kept discharging me prematurely before I could ground from crippling insomnia, which led to me trying to kill myself because of the entity.  When this was understood that I had made an attempt, after those four hospitalizations in a row, he wanted to push a CTO again, even though I wasn't being non-compliant.  Thank God for my parents, who prevented it.  He was also extremely condescending and humiliating with student doctors around to observe it.  Gross, bro.

One I find kind of average, also of St. Michael's Hospital, was Dr. Langley, who was pleasant enough, not bad about considering coming off meds someday, but would never accept the spiritual emergency argument, and didn't even know what dimethyltrymptamine was when I was discussing it as an active molecule in my brain, as an alternative to the dopamine imbalance theory.  He was nicer to me, but extremely condescending.  Stick to trombones, Dr. Langley.

I want to end on a good note, so here's one CAMH impressed me with - Dr. Hapke, on the Women's Ward.  She validated that I might have spiritual problems, and had faith that I could make it off medication, and that psychiatry might have gotten me wrong.  A cool lady, I wish they had more like her.

Well, that about does it for the roast - I know good doctors are out there, I'm just not finding that many in this city, where mediocrity rules and compliance is the highest virtue.


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