Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Microdosing again...

I just purchased some psilocybin microdosing capsules again, to try to heal myself of more trauma.  Last time I did these, I tried Blue Meanies, around the time I went to the Carmelite monastery.  This time, I wanted to try Golden Teacher, which is the same species I tried when I did those two trips a while back.  For $35 at Shroomyz on Queen West, I got 15 capsules, which I am to do once a day until they are gone.  Then, if I want to try another round, I should wait about 6 weeks to two months.  So, that's the plan.  (There was also Penis Envy capsules, but apart from its rather gauche name, I simply wanted to try the next level up before using that particular species.  It looks like Golden Teacher is the in-between, or at least the one they had available.)

Because I am consecrating everything I consume to Jesus, I tried it with these as well, as though He has possessed them.  I am not promoting "faith healing" here, although in my experience it doesn't hurt to call in the Holy Spirit when consuming things, I think it might have even helped.  I have tried it with smokeables but it seems to only feel effective, in my case, with food and drink, and other consumables.  Not sure if that is true for others, but smoking marijuana is very good with Lord Shiva.  (I have worked with Jesus when consuming edibles and THC beverages.)

Once again, I am glad I took time off from work - I am hoping these capsules take the edge off my current levels of stress, because I was ready to go back to CAMH, which I later decided against.  I refuse to consult with those who are not solved as selves, when considering what I need, as a solving woman, unless absolutely necessary.

God, I wish Jung was more popular in mainstream psychiatric medicine.  I talk about kundalini, and they think I'm referring to some kind of pasta dish.  Ridiculous.


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