Wednesday, 28 April 2021

I just cursed someone again!

(Cobra intensifies!)
(Cobra power intensifies!)
 Fucking men!

I had just gone to the local cathedral for a brief contemplation session - at the risk of being accused of slut shaming, the Roman Catholic church's doors are open like a whore's legs, even during a pandemic (up to 10 people at a time are allowed in at this location)... then I went to grab lunch.  A random pervert came up to me and smacked my ass in broad daylight.  I couldn't hold back - I turned around and yelled "FUCK YOU, man!  You're gonna get it!", even though last time I raised my voice I got kicked in the head.  I'm just too proud and tired at this point not to say something when idiots attack me.  Fortunately, he just walked away, ignoring it.  I prayed to Sekhmet for permission to fuck him up, and got the sense it was permitted.  I prayed to Lord Krishna that the man be influenced in any way by Divinity that would screw up his life.  Then I hurried home and made a poppet.

I sewed a tag to it, describing who it was linked to, demanding he be destroyed.  I linked it to the man using tobacco, lit a candle to go with the spell, and set the poppet on fire over my stove.

I have decided there are too many sickos in the world, and this is what I will now do if I get permission spiritually to do so, if I am attacked in any way that violates my personal space.  Again, no likely way of knowing if this even worked, except for trusting in channel, but it felt good.  I am sick of being humiliated like this because I am a pretty girl with an alternative style.  Doing a ritual on this dimensional plane allows higher dimensional Divinity to have a direct hand in doling out a punishment, if Divinity agrees it's deserved. This is justice, not black magick.  If effective, the Virgin Mary might be able to get him out of this, but that's up to him and his conduct.

It's weird, because when I was assaulted in October, I was wearing the same Ravenclaw jumper skirt!  Shit, man!


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