Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Too much of a good thing? Closing the book on the Akashic Records (for a while)...


I may have finally deciphered what has created my long term neurological confusion and strain!  (It would be lovely to have a personal guru for advice on certain spiritual principles I just don't know about, but... oh well.  This IS Toronto.)  I've just received an understanding through channel that my nervous system has been strained from a long term open connection to the Akashic Records... something, I'm learning, I should probably attune to sessionally.  I invoked them in 2018 to help fight the entity with usage of insights, and have left them open ever since.  Ow.

Already, my neurology feels perhaps slightly more relaxed, since Monday night, when I decided to try closing them.  A gesture my body was issuing me involved my palms face up, together, as if miming an open book, which I was misinterpreting to mean either related to palmistry or bibliomancy.  Now I get it was Spirit trying to tell me the Akashic Records were wide open to me, and had to be shut.  So I am taking a break from them.  I can still channel the Spirit vocally, but I cannot use tarot cards with my unique intuitive method of going through every card in the deck until I kinetically pull the ones that feel right, reading the Records from there.  That shall return once I turn to the Records again.

I suppose if there was a strain on the mind, it would explain my hit or miss days, and hit or miss readings.  The brain needed a breather a long time ago.  Many days I have been simply too worn out to do much of anything, especially if I engaged psychically too much.  The old strain was of the entity, now long gone.  The new strain looks to be one of Divinity, which simply was, as the title of this article suggests, "too much of a good thing".  (When I re-open the Akashic Records again in the future, I will be sure to close them once I am done with a session, so that strain never returns.)

Something amusing happened today.  I often walk around with a purse from Hot Topic of the old "The Craft" movie franchise, which looks like the book Nancy Downs buys that allows them to invoke the Spirit.  A Christian lady wanted to know about it - I didn't know she was Christian, but when she found out I am basically a Pagan for Christ (among other gods) she decided to get preachy about reducing my worship to just Jesus.  I told her that I love many gods, and all are one, and it ended pretty quickly.  She seemed well meaning, but Christians just don't get it when they do this.  Show, don't tell - that should be the rule of evangelism, if they have to go that route.

I have a poster to make for our rosary society.  The minister who is our group chaplain wanted Sister Penance to be the mascot, so a picture of me in rubber is going to be turned into a flyer for the United Church.  Lovely!


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