Thursday, 11 March 2021

The United Church Rosary Society DIY poster...

This is just a poster I made for our rosary group, now officially under the United Church.  The minister, as I mentioned earlier, thought Sister Penance should be the mascot, and wanted me to make this.  Because my Photoshop was eaten by my Catalina update (FUCK), I did a punk style DIY flyer with ransom note lettering and block letters.  I have never been much of a graphic designer... I am more illustrator and writer than that, but the DIY aesthetic allows for a level of raw charm.  I often turn to ransom note lettering because I just don't know my fonts or design that well, and ransom note has a classic punk look that represents my vibe.

The group meets on Zoom, and began as a social thing for these pandemic times.  It has since grown, and now clergy are joining us.  We even had a Catholic priest recently.


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