Sunday, 21 March 2021

I have two sides...

This is the first combo that came to mind when considering this meme for myself.   Countercultural, with a temper that is sometimes dark and strange like Nancy, but mystical, good, and powerfully in love with God like Teresa.

BTW, I think I forgot to mention this - I have been getting a ton of glossolalia very recently, more than ever before.  In fact, it's common that when I ask the Spirit a question, I now open with a string of tongue talking before I get the message.  I see this as just another sign of opening further, I don't try to make sense of what the tongues might be saying.  Other things that are happening are that dervish-like spinning experience I described a while ago, and sometimes my body will be compelled to get up by a force and walk across the room to examine an object while the channeling delivers a message represented by whatever I am directed to look at.  Kind of another way Spirit is getting me to understand things.  One thing I was warned is that I was drinking just a little bit too much alcohol as of late, so I prayed to St. Jude to curb those temptations, once again.  I do walk a lot throughout the city but I could also probably stand to hit my exercise bike more, too.

I got feedback from a close friend that my money spell might have worked for her - something was successful at her end that we weren't sure was possible at this point.  Spells tend to only work if the person gives me permission.  Otherwise, I might just pray for someone - and of course, there was that girl who assaulted me that I tried to curse... I am not sure if that worked or not.

The Vishnu mantra continues - I plan on walking to a nearby park today, as I have a lot lately, to recite it again,  on my beads.  There might even be a shift underway because of that, but I am going to give this more time to be sure before writing a report.


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