Thursday, 25 March 2021

Going pro...

I just got hired for a position as a professional psychic!

I had applied for this position recently, after a friend saw an ad posted on Facebook looking for readers.  Thinking it was neat how the universe just handed this to me (I find the best opportunities happen when they fall straight into my lap), I applied, and heard back from the woman who runs the shop business within the week.  Today I had an interview, where I demonstrated my skills, and was offered a position as one of her psychics.  She gave me a handful of business cards for making appointments and advised me to self promote while the website is prepared (she's rebranding).  Her store is called "Gypsy Soul" (she's Romani, if you're wondering - a lot of Romani psychics self identify with that term) and is in the Junction Triangle area.  I will be providing further details with time as things are lined up.  Right now I need to get to work on an autobio, and probably make a personal business card soon, too.  I will be reading under the pseudonym Teresa Powers, and will probably be offering candle magick services as well.  My starting rate is going to be $50.00, and will likely be raised as business picks up, and as I get a feel for things.

I had a nice experience with prayers to the Virgin Mary recently.  Often, I try to consider what I haven't prayed for before, in my development.  I guess I have been confused at what I am aspiring to be sometimes... what does my Higher Self expect of me?  Not always clear, a common message I have received through channel is that I must remember to "just be myself"... but, after all this change, who exactly am I anymore?  I seem to be shifting rapidly, like a fractal... I'm not even the same as I was last year at this time, in many ways.  Considering this, I called to Mary and asked that she help me to become exactly the person my heart desires me to be.  The channel lit up and uttered that it was among my finer prayers as of late, something later felt more relaxed in my subconscious, as a result.  

Yesterday, I received a painting from my good friend Richard Yves Sitoski, who is the current Owen Sound Poet Laureate, featuring Mother Mary in the background.  Not knowing this painting was coming, I saw it as a little nod from Mary that things are moving along.


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