Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Crystal ball breakthrough...

I initiated something in my prayers yesterday that has led to greater use of scrying in my divination practice.  Lately, I have focused prayers on what the heart needs and desires, seeing finer results with that in mind.  The intention was that Sekhmet provide my heart with what it needs for both my practices and my healing.  Within the hour, as I gazed into one of my two crystal balls, I noticed little pictures beginning to form.  Beforehand, the images were distorted, and it was hard to make anything of them, other than potential being there.  Now, I am getting a cross, a chi rho, a world, a heart, an exclamation point, among other things, and will use channel as a method to decipher the full meaning of what I am seeing.  This is perfect timing, considering I am about to start a professional psychic career.

I also continued to channel how else Sekhmet could help (having focused on other sources more for healing in the past) - I got that She needed to destroy the remnants of my old soul, which sounds harsh, but I suppose that, like a phoenix, having transformed of the old self, there's fields of the former soul that serve no purpose at this point, and are just irritation if they remain.  I'm feeling an overall tonal change that's rapidly shifted, I'm slightly more stoic than I once was, not harsh but not quite as goofy either.  Strong and silent, but still deeply involved in any conversation I get into.  I keep drawing the King of Swords to represent something that has changed, but it emphasizes that this is in a beautiful way, not a harsh way.  My regular persona, I got, is also shifting from being a bit like the Queen of Wands to more like the Queen of Swords, while the true self is the Queen of Cups.

I now have a Facebook page for my Teresa Powers persona - you can find it at @TeresaPowersPsychic on Facebook.  There's not much there just yet, I am still building it, trying to make sense of what to add.  Learning self promotion is a challenge for me, I have never been that good at it, I prefer having others to prop me up rather than doing it myself, a new lesson.  Although I have plans on making Sister Penance channeled videos in the nun habit, I will likely also do some in my regular clothes as Teresa Powers, posting them on Facebook, or perhaps YouTube.  I have business cards in the works - I decided to surrender the design to my comic printing pals, who are much finer graphic designers than I am.  No website planned just yet, only that I will be promoted by my employer on her own site.

I tend to only do things if I feel willed to do them at this point, hence why I haven't immediately done a new comic series.  I just am not moved enough by any ideas I have come up with since "Asylum Squad", I am more driven to write, perhaps to prepare for that memoir I am thinking about penning.  The psychic thing has also been a longing, a drive, so my task mostly has been about healing and refinement, so that I could perhaps make a career of that one day.  I have resigned from the idea of ever being a commercial artist - one really has to be a work horse with high technical prowess that would appeal to the conventional eye, and that is just not me.  If I become some big shot art chick later in life, so be it, but I just can't be the freelancer, it's not in me to commit to that.  Art for me is not worth doing if my heart is not in it... without the heart, it's just a product.

A little bit of a concern, now... I might need to get an endoscopy.  I have had complications with acid reflux, which I now need a medication for, and yet I still feel discomfort in my esophagus.  I hope this isn't too serious - the discomfort comes and goes, it is not at a constant.  I just wish I had acted on this sooner... it was something I stupidly ignored for a long time, and now it's worse.  The meds came because I began to gag on my food.  This seems to run in my family, from what my aunt says.  It can't possibly be that serious, but it has to be seen to now.


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