Sunday, 7 February 2021


(This post may be too hot for honkeys, and as such, unbelievable.  But I'm sharing it anyway.)

I didn't like the way the weather looked this morning as I made my coffee.  So I prayed to Lord Krishna that the sun come out.  Now, it's sunny skies, which transformed within 15 minutes.  

This is not the first time this has happened, I have experimented with weather changing powers before, and have found successes with them.  At the Ajna level of spiritual growth, yogis often develop miraculous abilities, and one of the more interesting ones is modifying local weather patterns.  These powers are called "siddhis", and can result depending on where you are on your soul's path, coupled with what the gods you work with will allow.  If there is a reason the weather must be a certain way, for example, if the plants need rain, the siddhi will fail, but if it can change, it just might.  Lord Krishna is sort of like a divine version of Alexa for me - I call to Him for various things, and I have seen many powerful results from this relationship.

One time I was trying to enjoy a pint of beer on a patio, when a pesky hornet showed up, and refused to leave.  I moved tables, it still obsessed about me.  Then I got a message through channel to try praying to Lord Krishna to get rid of it.  Within 5 minutes (after about 20 minutes of it bothering me), it went, and never returned!  I laughed over this, but have tried it many times, and find that it's often something that works, even though you need to give it a bit of time to kick in.

I believe that Lord Krishna may have de-escalated my assault in October.  When I was being cornered in the restaurant, I whispered under my mask a prayer that everyone there leave me alone.  But because it takes a few minutes for things to change, things escalated too fast for my prayers.  Perhaps the result was that I was not attacked severely, and that my bruising was so much less than it might have been.  Another time, I realized while I was out that I had left a candle lit in my apartment, so I prayed to Lord Krishna that it not cause a fire.  This candle, still very much with a healthy wick and lots of wax, was out when I got home.  I have been shy to discuss my siddhis with people, fearful of caucasian doubt, especially because I too am caucasian, and don't want to seem like a new age charlatan telling tall tales.

There's a lot of fascination with siddhis, and a lot of bullshit.  I have noticed that they act in a subtle matter, nothing flashy like in this X-Men clip.  Western religion has chastised other communities by linking siddhi powers to the devil, to control them.  Atheistic thinking has also cast doubt on the possibility of these powers.  My channel laughs with me over how white my mind is, despite its transformation, because it still assumes a bit more than it should, has doubts, and has learned things from the life I have lived that I now need to unlearn.

Western occultists are obsessed with the siddhi concept, and often turn to the occult for the acquisition of powers.  But the siddhis are just a stage along the path, and one must go beyond this level for the end goal to result, so the best approach is not to fixate too much on them, because the mind will become consumed by them, limiting the process.  When they develop, just see siddhis as something to observe along the way.

This post is really the first time I am opening up to anyone about the weather changing siddhi.  Once again, I shy away from propping myself up, not wanting to look pretentious.  I'm pretty certain it's real for me because of how often I am successful calling upon Lord Krishna for a divine hand to change something, but I feel bragging about it would be a mistake, in more ways than one.


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