Saturday, 6 February 2021

New highs...

I woke this morning (after a strange dream that involved the Queen of England approaching the Anglican Druid and I with a sabre, knighting us spontaneously in the streets of Toronto) to a feeling of psychological bliss.  This has continued throughout the day.  I guess a chemical reaction in the brain with the psilocybin has promoted this.  Yesterday, when I consumed CBD in joint form, the high was as good as THC once was, back when I consumed it before anything got too funky.  It was a pure relaxation high, where I felt cozy and super relaxed, just without the weird psychological effects of THC that can confuse.  So I guess it's still telling me to keep consuming CBD for now.  It feels like the brain is rewarding me for doing so, it's therapeutic.

I know yogis can get to levels where they enter bliss states... I wonder if this is the beginning of what they're talking about.  My mind hasn't felt this relaxed and good in eons.  Even when I was putting on a good show, promoting a good attitude and living as well as I could, there was a strain in the Ajna chakra.  There was psychological sadness from this, where I would still overthink, and just not feel as good as I knew was possible.

There were two devils throughout this whole journey.  The first was the entity, which I still hold to be true, knowing well from my studies that entities sometimes attack kundalites as they open, it does happen.  The second was the inner devil, which I guess represented the psychological barrier in the mind that I probably have just transcended.  Remnants of its "presence" have popped up a couple of times since this literal breakthrough, but only for a second or so, and do not frighten.  Psilocybin, it looks, was the answer to a pressing psychological concern that confused my channel, caused pain, and led to dissatisfaction.

I think what I might have been stuck in was Rudra Granthi, which is the psychic knot of the Third Eye.  Perhaps I need to keep going to perceive this better, but that is my current suspicion.  There are 3 granthis, or knots, in kundalini yoga.  The Muladhara Granthi is "Brahma", the Anahata Granthi is "Vishnu", and this one ("Rudra") is of Ajna - each has to do with a corresponding construct connected to holding onto unwanted attachments.  Others I guess have been broken by changing habits, ideas and conduct, but this one, if this theory holds true, required a chemical kick.  Again, I will reflect on these ideas later and see if I still agree with them.

I don't feel like my mind is suffering as much, and I fret less about things that once concerned me - that's one thing.  Perhaps I will do another channeled video with my tarot cards about some random topic, once I see enough of this massive shift play out, and know it to be true.  Today I enjoy a new level of stillness, and a happy, calm brain.


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