Sunday, 24 January 2021

Taking a "trip"...

I have been getting pressing messages from the Spirit to consider psilocybin in my healing.  Having reached a level of calm in my mind, where old feelings of dread have backed off (except for some degree of anxiety that can creep in at night), I have gone ahead and ordered 7 G of Golden Teacher magic mushroom.  I plan on consuming a fraction of that (1/4 of that amount) to see how it goes.  That's not a very high dose, and if the results prove to be not effective enough, I can incrementally consume a little bit more than that, building it up.  I have only ever done 2 G at a time in the past, back before I began to initiate, and that was enough for a reaction.  The goal is to have an experience that can heal me, grow me, and offer finer insights into the messages I am receiving through channel.  (I realize now that in the past, when I was being urged towards marijuana again, only to try the THC variety, it was CBD that Spirit was urging.  I misinterpreted it, not knowing my limits at the time, and so I had the bad trip.  But now I have the right plant and am doing well.)

THC is bad news to me, but psilocybin has been known to heal trauma, anxiety, and help with shamanic growth, so I have decided to pursue it.  I have designated an old friend to be my call in buddy, to check in on me on the day I set aside to consume the psilocybin.  I will buy a tub of ice cream to consume the mushrooms with (I hate the taste of them!), listening to quiet reflective music, and will plan my day around laying low, waiting to see how things unfold.  They will be consumed in the morning, allowing the full day to be devoted to their effects.  (My building has support workers to talk to, if the trip goes bad - I have a feeling that it won't go badly though, because even at its worst throughout my conflicts, I had once done 2 G of mushroom, and the trip was odd but it wasn't horrible.  I have reached a level of healing where at worst, it would be a funky experience, but I can't imagine anything devastating, especially mushrooms from a recommended dispensary.)

I will be sure to report what I can about it, on here.  CBD has helped with other levels of healing, but for something transformative, it may have its limits.  I continue to consume CBD regularly, as a prescription, and I know it has been very valuable to my overall well being.


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