Sunday, 17 January 2021

My book of magickal writings + a refined magickal ritual...

Thought I'd share some pictures from my new book, one in which I will jot down refined ideas I work with in my practice.

I bought this little book from a shop that remains open during the pandemic due to a loop hole where selling essential items means they can stay in business, allowing customers in the store.  Though the sun here looks a bit Tibetan or Nepalese or something, Sekhmet is a solar goddess, so I bought it anyway.  I also bought an ankh to hang from the cord that keeps the book bound shut, just for decoration.

After yet again refining the ritual for working with the 7 element altar, I took notes down in the book, and included a layout of how to position the elements on the surface, as indicated by the images I have included.  (To create an effect in nature, you use the Creative Cycle.  To destroy a conflict, you use the Destructive Cycle.)

Here now are the refined notes on how to use this system I have invented, when ritualistically conducting a spell:

1) - Call upon the Spirit through the element of Air, directing your wand from one element to the other.  (Air is to be represented by incense on a charcoal, the charcoal being what you give your offerings to.  I use Myrrh for Air.  The Spirit is to be represented by a sacred item, something consecrated by Divinity.  This could be any item.)  Make your intention while offering tobacco to the charcoal.  (Make sure the lit charcoal is consecrated to represent the element of Air, along with the Myrrh or whatever incense you use on it, with each ceremony.)

2) - Call to the Spirit to invoke your patron deity (in my case, Sekhmet).  Make an offering of both tobacco and something to the deity (I use sage for Sekhmet) while restating your intention.

3) - Call to your deity to work with the 5 Chinese metaphysical elements (Wuxing - Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water), in whichever cycle you are working with, and using your wand, point to these elements on the altar while calling upon them.  Offer tobacco while restating your intention.  (These elements should be literally composed of what they represent, consecrated to do so.  You will have to replenish Water as it evaporates, and reignite Fire and bless the flame each time.)  The idea is that when you call upon the Wuxing elements, in whichever cycle you use, you are calling upon natural order to either generate or destroy a pattern.

4) - Call upon your patron deity to work with the 7 directions (East, South, West, North, Zenith, Nadir, and Center) while once again offering tobacco and stating your intention.  (Stand in the direction of each point while calling them individually, using your wand to indicate them, starting with the East.  Aim the wand up when calling "Zenith", down when calling "Nadir", and at your chest when calling "Center".)

5) - Say "So mote it be".

I have taken to ritualistically using the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram to follow up.  I am offering sage to Sekhmet when I do it, calling upon Her to work through me to perform it.

There may be more edits to this in time, or other ways of performing it, but it seems to be a system that works, taking into account what works in ancient tradition, with an even newer take on neopagan practice.  (I don't have much written in this book yet.  I have other books for spirit writings, but only stuff I feel could be truly relevant will go down in this book.)


UPDATE: I am learning that this method is best used for summoning something to execute an intention, and I will continue experiments with it.  Candle spells may still be my go to for most intentions.

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