Sunday, 31 January 2021

A channeled experiment...

Though still rather camera shy, I am experimenting a little today with Sister Penance channeled videos, where I call upon the Spirit with a question, and see what channeling combined with drawn tarot cards produces.  Today's question was a general inquiry about what we are facing in the world as we know it, as it unfolds.  (Keep in mind that in this video I shift my focus to the Spirit, so if I sound a bit funny in the way I am speaking, that is just the nature of what channeling sounds like while I am engaging in it.  I am a conscious channel, not a trance channel, so I am fully aware as the information flows through me.  The Spirit is not a random spirit, but instead Divinity itself.  I have also channeled Sekhmet, which feels different - dark and beautiful, mother lion energy, I feel myself take on a lioness's form in my face energetically while it's happening.)

I am hoping I can get the hang of this and the video editing software I am using for more of these.  (Shuffling of the cards has been trimmed out.)  Not sure if I will create a series... again, this is an experiment.

Cards pulled: Wheel of Fortune, The Fool, King of Cups, Queen of Swords, The Tower, The Hermit.


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