Friday, 25 December 2020

"The Elements"...

I got a second painting done on Christmas Eve, so I am posting a (crude) snapshot of it today.  This one is based on that experimental east vs. west altar I designed, which incorporates Chinese metaphysics with western metaphysics.  I went with the affiliated planetary symbols of the 5 elements of Chinese metaphysics, and added Air and Spirit, using symbols associated with those two elements, symbols often seen in practises like Wicca.  I added the Halaliel sigil too, in case I want to use this painting for scrying, as a tool of study - I use that sigil as a power symbol, putting it on certain things.

I guess the lines in the background (which were an attempt at trying an almost Eastern style cloud design) suggest anxiety, but things are vibrant here and there is order to what is in the foreground.  I made this piece, as I mentioned, for scrying, so I want to see what comes of studying it while I contemplate what I have designed.  Acrylics on canvas, with black and gold pen, aluminum tape.

Had a family Zoom this morning for Christmas - so strange not to be with the rellies elsewhere.  Not the worst time for me, though - I have felt massive relief for weeks, it might have even started since that banishing ritual.  Things have just lined up and my health feels much better.  I am more hopeful about getting off of antipsychotics in the future, I don't even feel like I have neurological damage now, so perhaps is was neurological sensitivity and anxiety that made it feel like something was truly much worse.  It's a mystery, but at least I feel quite good as of late.  I had done more prayer work with Christ too, so that's probably also paying off.  The Solstice was definitely a power day, and I felt the presence of many spirits.

Better get out of my kigurumi and figure out the rest of my day!  Merry Christmas - hope all can keep well, despite the 'rona and lockdown!


UPDATE: Touched this up this morning with some gold pen around the elements - makes it pop a bit better.  Might later post an update pic.

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