Thursday, 31 December 2020

Farewell, 2020: Reflections on my year...

Goodbye, 2020!  To be fair, this year was actually quite positive for me - other than the hospitalization in January and the assault in October, I came into a bit of a nest egg, and got lots of healing done.  Also, the last comic was finally released, I have learned far greater patience with downtime, and am feeling less lonely about being alone.  I am a bit of a sicko because I kind of like the pandemic world in a way - not in how it has harmed, but in how it's shaping the world into a place where we can't quite go back to what we were doing, which wasn't working either... this is bound to usher in eventual change, hopefully for the better.  I remain optimistic, even when numbers rise.

Tonight, our rosary coven is having a mini Zoom party to send off this crazy year - I'm sure that's going to be the standard, a NYE Zoom party, at least for those who play it safe.  I wonder how much better 2021 could be... one premonition I had is that 2020 might be seen as the "dress rehearsal for 2021", so watch out!  Not sure how accurate that is.  I was wrong about the presidential election... I thought Trump would win.  Phew.  (Premonitions of mine are more accurate if they just come to me - when I call for them, they can often provide nonsense.  I have to continually refine, of course.)

I have decided to open up the comments option on here, at least for a while.  My concern has been about fundamentalists wanting to criticize me because of my alternative spirituality, I also find that the internet is growing increasingly hateful and strange, so I wanted to avoid any unwanted vitriol, if it was coming.  But now I'm curious.  This site doesn't get a lot of traffic most of the time, but let's see what the sinners have to say, if they care to.

Happy New Year, sinners!  May you find great peace in these End Times!

ABBA - "Happy New Year"


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