Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Cute dating ad + Caversham new book restock update...

Whoever came up with this ad deserves a massive promotion - very funny!

Caversham now has 10 new copies of "In Solidarity", these without the weird marginal errors.  I signed all the copies.  (The other 5 had already sold out.)  Keep in mind this means the price will be slightly higher again, at $20 + tax.

I almost went up a notch on my meds, but realized I was just in my head too much, overthinking things.  The next day, I was fine again, less anxiety.  I guess that's how social distancing has gotten to me, because I don't mind the downtime too much.  I just miss things like going out to socialize here and there as a distraction.  Even (mostly) introverted people like myself need to get out and have some fun.  Thank God for my spirituality or I wouldn't be coping well at all.  I talked to my new MD (who has replaced my old one) and he's agreed to help me talk to someone who could make an ASD diagnosis, if there is one to be made.  I took an online test and it said I am at the high end of a moderate risk of having it.  I don't trust these tests much at all, but it's interesting it would say that, because with other tests I tried online it suggested I didn't have it at all.  If I have ASD, it's a light case of it that probably creates a difference in me, and might even mean a sensitivity that makes me more receptive to the spirit world.  Many psychics/mediums/shamans have had a touch of autism.


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