Monday, 28 December 2020

A new mind...

I have concluded that I must indeed be healing in a major way as of late, and that several things have led to this.  One was my visitation to the Marian shrine, another was likely working with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, and of course regular use of CBD.  But yet another had to be when I followed bibliomancy, which directed my hand to Philemon in the New Testament, which led to me asking to become a "prisoner of Christ".  What I meant by this request is that He take full command of what happens to me.  (This is not to say, in my case, that I now ignore other gods, only that Jesus be the god that steers the direction of what comes of my life.  I see no reason why many gods can't amount to harmonious spirituality, it works in many paths.  One way of describing my practice could be Christo-Pagan with Dharmic leanings.)

Since that time, weeks ago, sleep has been better, worries less, neurological pain has lessened immensely.  I had also prayed to Metatron for a "new mind".  I had been trying to heal the old mind, and then figured that perhaps I should treat it more like a phoenix, and rise from the ashes of what the old mind became.  There is a state coming over me of ease, calm, and gentleness, one I don't think I have ever felt before.  As mentioned in a previous post, the Solstice was a power day, and I really got that a change was taking hold.  The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction represented the death of the old king, and the birth of the new king's reign, so perhaps in my case that related to the mind.  There were a lot of spirits around me on that day, it was like an otherworldly party.

I wonder if, for some minds that are too far gone not to go off antipsychotics (too far gone in the opinions of certain doctors, anyway), if the idea of growing a new mind could be considered in therapy.  I would argue that some form of spiritual practice would be needed in part to achieve such a thing, but perhaps it's a realistic answer for other, more common types of psychological pain.  Treatment would require surrendering the will to the self, for one thing, however that is done with the patient.  Jung, though not perfect, had powerful ideas, many of which have been expanded upon since his time.  I wish psychology played a bigger role in conventional treatment - the golden age of psychoanalysis, also not perfect, at least spoke of a talking cure.

Speaking of analysis, I haven't had much of that in this year.  I guess I really am getting better, because normally I see my Jungian once every 2 weeks.  Because of the pandemic, I only do phone sessions with him now and again.  It's just not the same as with in person therapy.  We tried Zoom but it was lagging too much for treatment, between our computers.  He thinks I am coping well with the world as it is when we talk.  Honestly, with my inner world being at the core of my thoughts, I don't give what's going on out there as much thought as some do, or at least as much worry.  I keep up with news I need to be aware of, I wear a face mask, I wash my hands and avoid crowds, I will get vaccinated when it's available to the masses, I do what any reasonable person should do with this situation, but I don't feel that being too involved with news media will do my mind much help, with what I am hoping to achieve.  I have gotten some art done, as I have presented on this blog, so the muse has been stirring again a bit, at least.  (God also wants me to obsess a bit less about healing and the soul - I got the message that things will now mostly play out as they need to, as they should.)


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