Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Printer's proof!

Today I visited my printers to pick up a proof for review - only three edits seem to be needed, otherwise it looks and reads great.  I am so proud of my friend for putting this together for me, saving both my mind and the printers some time.  If there is a second shutdown, it is my hope that all copies will be in my possession before that happens.  I will be emailing the printers with corrections tonight or tomorrow and will be updating on here again once details on where to buy them become available.  (So far, I can tell you that definitely you can expect to see that "The Beguiling" and "Caversham Booksellers" in Toronto will carry them.  Otherwise, I can and will do mail orders.)

Man, a lot of Jehovah's Witnesses keep calling me to preach - best way to handle 'em, I find, is to just tell them that I already know Jesus, which is honestly the truth, in my case - cuts the call immediately.  I don't go on to tell 'em about Sekhmet and other influences I pray to - probably best to leave it at Christ!

I have plans to go back to the Marian Shrine very soon to stay longer next time, with a scribbler for spirit writing, to see what comes of that experience.  I will go by myself this time, I might stay for several hours.  Others plan on going again in the spring but before it gets really cold, I want to check it out once more.  It's so powerful there.


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