Saturday, 28 November 2020

New Asylum Squad books now at Caversham Booksellers!

The new graphic novel, "Asylum Squad: In Solidarity", is now on sale at Caversham Booksellers in Toronto!  One small headache: the first 25 books have 3 printing errors that happened during the process - margins are askew on 3 pages.  Still readable, it just looks like awkward graphic design.  I have asked that there be a discount on this item at the store so that if people are that eager to get a copy and can handle some awkwardness, they're still on sale.  I am not sure when the next run will be in my hands - the printers are very aware of the fuck up.  All other books will be without these errors.
Caversham ships so if you want to order one from them, they are willing.  Here is their website:

The Beguiling bookstore will follow - I went today and talked to them, they will get back on consignment stuff once the lockdown is lifted.  I will post an update once the book is in stock there as well.  No other locations carry it right now, but I might go searching once COVID-19 dies down a bit.


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