Thursday, 26 November 2020

My wand...

Just thought I would make a post showing off my homemade wand.  I guess it doesn't look like much compared to some, but it has a nice weight and feel to it in my hands.  I wasn't using it much for the longest time, but am now finding it more useful as I experiment with altars.

I can't recall where I got the stick from, but I bound it in white suede leather, hand sewing it shut.  The stone at the top is garnet, which I simply anchored with a bit of Shoe Goo.  I got copper wire from a hardware store and wrapped it along the shaft.  The red string is simply decorative - I got the sense that red would be a fitting colour, wands often being affiliated with the element of Fire.

It's funny that I would be drawn to use garnet for this, before knowing I'd be working with Sekhmet, who is affiliated with this stone.  The wand was blessed to work with magick under Her.  (I have an athame too, but find very little use for it, drawn more to this implement for the time being, but this could change.) 

Looks like 25 copies of Asylum Squad "In Solidarity" will be in my possession by tomorrow evening after all, the rest to come in time.  Then it's off to Caversham, at least, to deliver 5 of them for now.  (I need to contact "The Beguiling" and see what's up with them right now with this pandemic.)  Such a relief to get somewhere with this at long last.  Not having a booklaunch is kinda sad, but at least the books can be sold now.  I feel dreadfully upset about our city losing Disgraceland.

My dear uncle Bob passed yesterday.  I called to the Spirit for a visitation from him, and like my teacher friend, sensed him around today.  I channeled his big, infectious laugh, and sensed he might have been in the room for a few hours, as I tried finding a way to converse.  No dice on channeling spirits well yet... I am still wrestling with that.  I had been working with prayers to help him cross over for months now, for when the big moment came.


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