Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Interesting channeled insights on Adam and Eve...

Perhaps I will revisit this again once my channel is that much finer, but I have been getting fascinating insights into the true meaning of the Adam and Eve story of Genesis.  (Disclaimer: Not being a biblical scholar, I am not even sure what others have claimed while interpreting it - I have read Genesis a few times, and am opening to channel to see what it says about its meaning.  Keep that in mind while reading this article.)

One of the most boring interpretations of Adam and Eve is that it's a creation story of the first man and woman, something that fundamentalists like to prop up as proof that homosexuality is a sin - "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve", they will say, like some self appointed moral authority.  I always find this profoundly stupid and reductive to the story itself, to be honest.  But I wanted to call upon the Spirit, as an experiment, to see what channel has to say about the meaning, because it is rich in symbolism:

Firstly, I see the description of the creation of the heavens and the earth, and everything described therein, as metaphors for the emanations of existence.  (The seven days are the Seven Heavens.)  What follows is perhaps on par with what Lurianic Kabbalists might think of what came of God's creation when existence was willed.  Channel said that the Garden of Eden is the construct we exist in, and the way the world unfolded.  Adam and Eve are not primordial humans - they are the components of the cosmos that create.  In Kabbalah, Keter is the subtlest emanation, closest to YHWH, and is masculine - Malkuth is feminine, and relates to the physical, affiliated with Shekinah.  Keter spilled into the other emanations as God willed the Tree of Life, thus producing Malkuth - so, in this myth, Eve came of the rib of Adam, a metaphor for the Sacred Feminine birthed out of the Sacred Masculine.

The Tree of Knowledge, I am getting, represents the Spirit as is, blossoming of the Divine, and the serpent is knowledge itself, rather like the serpent of kundalini.  Eve, representing Nature, desires to see, so she eats from the Tree of Knowledge, and there is a reaction in Adam, who represents the Source.  This suggests that somehow the Sacred Feminine became conflicted, relating worse to the Sacred Masculine.  The sin in eating from the Tree of Knowledge is that it would invoke an understanding that isn't there yet, and one who attempts knowledge would find a lack of true knowledge.  This is a metaphor for the cosmos and how it is not yet understood what it is.  The story suggests that existence itself is simply unsound at this point.  God's anger here comes of the horror of his creation going wrong.  This is a story about what went wrong with Malkuth.

The cherubim who guard the Garden of Eden once Adam and Eve are banished imply an order that was created by God once a flaw in creation was generated.  This flaw, like Lurianics have stated, came of when the will of God was too much for creation, and this part of Genesis is an attempt to interpret that.  It is not that the woman sinned, it is that the reaction in an overabundance of God's will created a flaw in the Sacred Feminine, which affected all.  Unfortunately, fanatics choose to humiliate womankind because of shoddy ideas about this story.

Just some ideas that came through - maybe I will channel more in time, if I give Genesis another good look over and consider other pieces of symbolism.  I believe the Bible is a sacred talisman that has been good at evoking ideas, but makes a lousy contemporary moral guide, except perhaps here and there.  I like to study it sometimes, and use mostly Proverbs and the Psalms, as I have said, but prefer other readings as a personal guide for morality... just my choice.  I feel that the Bible is dated, it didn't age well in the way it has been used, but it is still relevant.


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