Sunday, 1 November 2020

Hallowe'en 2020 rundown...

Carmelite nun and the Holy Trinity - Hallowe'en 2020

Hello sinners -

I hope Hallowe'en 2020 was ok for you - not the greatest due to the pandemic, but some I know still had a good time.  I spent most of the day at the psychic parlour, did a reading, and hung out with other psychics in training, including this lovely lady above who went as the Holy Trinity.  I wore a mask to stay COVID safe, and found it worked surprisingly well style wise with the nun habit - almost like a Carmelite nun who is curious about becoming a Jain.  So Pope Joan didn't happen, but maybe another year.  The moon was big and beautiful and it's a shame that this year couldn't have been just a bit more exciting - still, doing psychic readings on Hallowe'en has its own kind of novelty.

Another one of my spells seems to have worked.  Mom's cat Luigi is a beautiful overweight boy who is obsessed with over grooming, and has licked his belly bald.  Mom asked me to cast a spell on him, so I petitioned Sekhmet to ease the cat's anxiety, or whatever it was causing this to happen with him, and already it's curbed his behaviour a bit, and hair is growing back.  Hopefully this isn't a coincidence, but it doesn't seem like it, because the cat has been chronic about his trichotillomania, and nothing else seemed to work.  BTW, the other cat my sister was catsitting sprayed a bit more again, but was quickly moved to another location by a person who stepped forward, so I guess the end result of that spell was just to get that cat the hell out of my sister's apartment.  Psychically, I read that this cat just didn't like her, and although you can't pee on hospitality, you also can't cure hatred with a candle, I guess.

Readings are growing finer, but I have a new concern - how do I, as a professional, deliver a difficult reading to a client without ruining their day?  I need to now understand how to be as gentle as possible when the news is not good.  I guess I would just recommend that they seek Divinity to solve their karmic problems, but I worry about scaring people who can't handle it.  That's the trick with being a professional psychic - the good ones can be scary, and the bad ones make all of us look like charlatans.  I demand to be as accurate as possible before taking money, at least higher fees, anyway.  I am now a semi professional, but I don't demand coin.  Still in training, though my teacher thinks I'm pretty much there.  I just refuse to give a bad service.


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