Friday, 6 November 2020

Considering neurology in my prayers...

An excellent video on kundalini and neurology

A while ago, with Metatron, I had considered some of what the video above discusses about neurological shifts with the kundalini, including that the neocortex and the limbic system are meant to be still to defeat "monkey mind", which is what most humans who have not developed their consciousness are described as experiencing.  As a result, with time, I felt a mindful calm come over much of my processing, and finer ideas began to surface, I was able to handle stress better, became more intellectual, among other things that perhaps don't come to mind, or are beneath my awareness.  One thing I did not consider until today is that my reptilian brain must not only be the more active centre, but perhaps could stand to increase in activity from where it is at this point.  So that was the latest for today.  When I prayed for it, I channeled some hopeful messages about further neurological progress, and now I wait to see how this unfolds.

Although constructs like chakras and sephirot are great tools for contemplation when it comes to achieving higher faculties of consciousness, one should also consider the brain itself in prayer.  I recommend this video for some understanding on what yogis have come to conclude on brain function and enlightenment.  Raja Choudhury is an evocative speaker, and I have played this several times over to take in what he has to say on the subject.  (I am also considering the enteric nervous system a bit in my prayers today as well.  Hopefully results will be obvious enough to discuss what I observe.)

I am now certain CBD has made a difference in me, and I continue to consume it, with breaks here and there, to urge consciousness in the correct direction.  This video also discusses the use of entheogens a bit, along with other techniques.


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