Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Asylum Squad restocked at Caversham Booksellers...

I just dropped off 5 copies of "(The Complete!) Monster Hospital" and "(The Complete!) Jung Ones" at Caversham Booksellers in Toronto - soon I hope to with The Beguiling as well.  So if you need a copy of one of those, they now carry them at the psychology bookstore.  The Caversham people are absolutely wonderful and have been the finest support of my comics of all stores I have worked with.

In other good news, my printers might actually at least get a partial run of the new book printed very soon, since the lockdown didn't shut them down.  I have asked for at least 25 copies for the time being, to get some in stores.  I will update again once they are in my possession, or are about to be.

Some very strange news now - I just found out that my sinister childhood dentist is under fire in a class action lawsuit for abusing children in the dental chair!  I can say I was definitely one of his victims, but perhaps was too scared to go into intimate details with my parents about what went on.  He'd slap me if I cried, tell me to shut up, do filling work before the freezing took effect, among other things.  He was an absolute sadist and although I currently have a dream dentist, the idea of certain procedures is just too terrifying for me to go through without a general anaesthetic.  I have contacted the legal firm - I also petitioned Sekhmet that any good that can come of this happen.  This guy has been getting away with this since the 70s!  Glad justice might be served here.  He was basically the dentist from "Little Shop of Horrors", but for kids.  Sick.

"Dentist Song"


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