Sunday, 4 October 2020

New costume idea...

Since it looks like Hallowe'en is going to be a complete bust due to rising COVID-19 numbers in my part of the world, I have decided to put the Pope Joan costume idea on hold, possibly to revisit another year, in favour of just wearing my cloth nun habit.  But a new idea has surfaced in my mind, also for another year, this time of something remarkably unholy, as a costume - Baby Baphomet!

I got the idea when I thought it would be funny to put a spin on something often associated with the LHP, but to emasculate the edgelord fraternity bro culture often associated with it that for some reason gets a pass with fourth wave feminism.  The plan is a cutesy pink and white aesthetic with a burlesque feel ... titties out, pasties on, with candy raver style pacifiers hanging from my nipples, and a pink caduceus sticking out of the diaper.  It's a pretty bold move to dress in something like that, but as long as I'm indoors, I will have the guts.  (I would have the guts on the streets too, if this wasn't in Canadian temperatures!)

This costume won't be done until things are semi normal again, and club parties are back in full swing, but I think I found a winner.  I even want to make a bib that says "Solve Coagula" on it, and have the third horn (or whatever it is) with the flame coming out of the top of the goat head, using LEDs.  Sure to be a favourite with satanists and goth girls, and they probably won't even realize why I'm wearing it.  I might win a prize simply for being the weirdest thing in the room.

Some interesting events with candle magick and Jesus have occurred, but I think I will watch and see how they play out a bit before reporting anything on them just yet.  I find that the Catholic litanies are excellent for working with folk Christian magick and invocation.

More on that later!


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