Sunday, 11 October 2020

Latest comic update...

My dear friend recently compiled all comic files for the final graphic novel, and is onto the cover portion.  Then he will return the files to the printers (they were too swamped to tackle it immediately), and (hopefully) all copies will be in my possession before the end of the fall.  Since COVID-19 numbers are rising again, a book launch might not be possible, but I will provide information on here as to where to obtain your copy.  (I am considering on demand printing from the web for future reprints - perhaps an omnibus, the whole series in one big book, minus "The Psychosis Diaries", which I don't plan on printing again.)

Today I purchased the Sekhmet statue pictured here - a modest price, from The Occult Shop.  It was a real bitch finding a local shop, as of late, that carried Her - I had to get them to order it.  She used to be everywhere, but lately... nothing.  She looks good on my table altar, next to all of my other spiritual gear.  She still seems to be a prominent influence, one that is growing in my relationship to Her with time.

I am kicking myself that this comic wasn't put out immediately after the series was completed online.  I could have gotten a book launch out of it without COVID-19 spoiling the event scene, and it would have just looked better from a creator to do it sooner.  I wonder if this sabotaged my readership much?  Oh well - I am still on a kind of hiatus, and I just feel like I can't quite focus on that kind of thing right now.  My soul and my mind are my priorities.  When I do psychic readings about it, the answer is that a comeback is coming, but only when I am moved to do my next big project, whatever that is.  I think I need to get to a plateau of sorts with my situation to know what to discuss next, and until that time, it's just journal style updates with these blog posts, and the odd art piece here and there.

A weird Thanksgiving... no meal with the family due to rising numbers.  My uncle is in palliative care, so I expect a new spiritual guest to drop by once he's in Bardo.  I lit many candles to pray for him, sometimes in church, to support his journey in any way it could be supported.  A great guy with a funny laugh and lots of charm.  We will miss him.


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