Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Assaulted: 2020 finally laid into me...

Oh god, what a fucking night.

I just got home from the hospital, where I was looking to get a CATscan after some honkey haters surrounded me at a local restaurant, and one shoved me to the ground and began kicking me in the head.  I took off before she could do any serious visible damage, but my head now feels swollen and it's probably going to bruise badly.  I have too much pride - I should have backed away but I felt like sassing back at this psychopath because of the shit I have been through over the years, and she attacked me.  Foolish.  Do not try to reason with a violent idiot.  They were calling me names like "white shit" - I never thought white bashing would happen to me, I tend to be gentle in my demeanour, but there you go.  (Perhaps my gentle demeanour is something she wanted to hurt.)  I was quivering but it wasn't fear - it was adrenaline, which pumps so bad in me when I'm angry it makes me look nervous.  That cunt was a shit Jungian because that wasn't fear in my eyes, that was a mind appalled at little girls behaving badly, trying to restrain itself.

It really worries me because I already have neurological sensitivity and am vulnerable a lot when I am alone, so the shock made me panic, and I was terrified once she began kicking me.  I ran to some cops and reported it - they called an ambulance.  I started seeing geometric shapes in my field of vision.  This blew $45 on that ambulance which led to me just getting some Tylenols and Advils at the hospital.  The doctor said I didn't need the CATscan.  If I have a concussion, I hope it doesn't add to what's already wrong with me.  

Fuck Toronto.  I support BLM but this is bullshit.  I am not some bougie white girl who talks shit about POC - I live in the projects.  (I prayed the rosary in the ER and that seemed to calm me down, I didn't even need an Ativan.)

I'm going to be sore tomorrow.


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