Sunday, 27 September 2020


This post won't be very insightful or long - it's just about another odd piece of phenomena that has happened on and off, and is now happening more and more these days, especially after aligning closely with Sekhmet.  

Sometimes when I light a candle and call in the gods, my body feels compelled by a force to start spinning around and around, sometimes for a good 5 minutes or more, like a whirling dervish.  I haven't studied Sufism, just some Rumi poems, but I know that whirling is associated, at least in part, with achieving higher consciousness.  Perhaps the Spirit is urging me, like with a kriya, to do this as a ritualistic exercise to expand things.  (I just did it again and though I can go at a good clip, when I force it to stop, the dizziness is crazy - I could never be a dervish!)  lol

Probably I look more like this than a proper whirling dervish when I do this routine:

Wonder Woman spin


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