Wednesday, 16 September 2020

"Red Lady"...


I made this painting of Sekhmet today.  I snapped a slightly better pic today after a few touchups, but again, this Samsung phone camera leaves something to be desired, and it never was the finest at capturing pictures, so it's not doing the line work justice here.  Just something I tackled spontaneously without much planning, got the itch to create so I took advantage of it.  Acrylics on canvas, with imitation gold lead and marker.

Trying to find a Sekhmet statue, and do you think any metaphysical store has any?!  I settled with ordering one through the Occult Shop.  I used to see Her everywhere... now, nothing.  I was actually gifted a Sekhmet necklace and silver ankh and passed them on to a friend before the wild phenomena with this goddess began... now I have regrets but I don't dare upset my friend.  That ain't right.

An unwanted spiritual visitor came by today - just some pesky spirit, but I was able to resolve it within half an hour.  It was just a creepy feeling coupled with a message to tackle the issue.  St. Michael and prayers to Sekhmet with white sage seemed to do the trick.  See, I DO need to use white sage after all!  xD


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