Monday, 24 August 2020

My astrological chart...


Thought I'd post my astrology from a chart generator - I took out certain details such as my birth time and location for privacy, but I wanted to post the rest.  Astrology is something I haven't seriously gotten into, but I have friends who are very good at interpreting charts and I often discuss things like the signs with them.

Something interesting I saw recently while studying mine - I am VERY Venus heavy, with three positions in Taurus, and three others in Libra.  I guess that means I'm just that much more glamorous than most - HA!  (One of my astrology nerd friends noted that I have the chart of "a hero"... nice!)

I thought about learning more but decided to just focus on psychic powers - astrology is a discipline I am not willing to commit to in any serious way, but I still find it interesting as a hobby.


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