Saturday, 22 August 2020

Interpreting the Spirit through channel...

Time to revisit something I have discussed here before - channeling, to refine some of my ideas:

This is a skill that has gradually developed out of my experiences where I have a kind of perception through a vocal mechanism that I call "channel" where I perceive information from the Spirit (or God, or whatever you want to call the higher consciousness).  Sometimes I question what is coming through, due to the fact that I have come to learn that such a feat is very tricky, and can take a lifetime of refinement before getting quite fine, so a lot of what I have written about based on channel might be irrelevant, and sometimes I delete old articles if I find them too off down the road.  It's not that my channel is interpreting anything dark, or that it is just some strange phenomenon that means nothing, it's that this is a real challenge to accomplish in a finer sense.

My understanding is that when certain people receive tongue talking (or glossolalia, which is the technical term), it's their souls opening up and attempting to interpret the Spirit.  Some say it's a language of angels or the Divine, but I believe it's a reaction when one can't clearly behold what is coming through to them.  Perhaps I have a special talent in beholding Divinity where, instead of tongues, I receive English, and also I have possibly channeled Aramaic at one time.  I also have gotten tongues, but mostly I get my native language.  The trick now is to refine what is already there, which is a daily devotional routine of mine.  When this first opened up, it was a sentence here or there of encouragement, now it is endless passages of insight.  I would say I am at least approaching an advanced level of intermediate skill with this, where the consensus of the message finds a way to make it through, I can grasp the ballpark of what is trying to be stated, but finer details may be missing.  This makes psychic readings convincing enough that I come across as legit as readers go, but finer details of events I see through this method may not get interpreted.  So there is still work to do.

I assume my neurology is going through rapid shifts right now - 2020, for all its flaws, has been a year of great progress for me in a couple of ways.  The Ajna chakra region was really off for a long time, and seems to be improving - because my brain was in agony for so long, I must live low as a lifestyle to advance, needing much time to myself for growth and contemplation.  It's more about transcending the illness in me than it is about recovering from it - I don't want to go back to where I was, I want to go beyond it.

I am giving the Hare Krishna mantra a shot almost daily with some mala beads I have had for a while.  Just another meditation to work with, considering it's possible Krishna has helped me too.  Doesn't hurt!


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